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Dehydrating Food - A Beginner's Guide

Dehydrating Food A Beginner's Guide by Jay and Shirley Bills is a 178 page softcover book that includes techniques on drying fruits, vegetables and meats of all kind. There are over 150 recipes jammed between the covers of this book.  A great resource for the aspiring food dehydrator.


Let Jay and Shirley Bills lend their years of experience in the kitchen to teach you how to dry all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meats and also how to properly store and use your dehydrated supplies to create wonderful snacks and meals.  With over 150 recipes ranging from breads and desserts to soups and pies to cereals and entrees, Dehydrating Food is a great way for families to have fun and save money.  Using ingredients you dry yourself, you'll be able to make:

• Carrot Pudding
 •Fruit Leather

• Banana Waffles
 • Irish Stew

• Beef Jerky
 • Green Bean Baked Potato

• Raw Apple Cake
 • Potatoes Au Gratin

• Peach Ice Cream
 • Spoon Bread

• Tea Blends
 • And so much more

Also included is a section on the nutritional benefits of dehydrated food. Dehydrating Food is a colorful, informative book that offers home chefs delicious alternatives they may not have imagined before.
Jay and Shirley Bills developed this book by researching these recipes in their kitchen.

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