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Download ebook CHIC & UNIQUE VINTAGE CAKES  : 30 Modern Cake Designs From Vintage Inspirations


Elegant & specific vintage desserts: Bestselling cake adorning writer Zoe Clark indicates you a way to take idea out of your favored antique apparel, fixtures, gadgets and keepsakes to create beautiful antique cake designs. From elegant tiered lace and floral desserts to great jewelry container and carousel formed novelty desserts, each of the 10 superb cake designs is accompanied by  smaller designs for vintage-stimulated cupcakes, cookies, fondant fancies and extra. 

Consists of all the cake recipes you want, and simple grade by grade education for all of the vital cake decorating techniques, from overlaying desserts and stacking tiered cakes, to piping royal icing and stenciling. Zoe even breaks down advanced suspension techniques into easy to observe steps so you can create lovely fashioned novelty cake designs at home. includes a extensive variety of cake redecorating tasks so you may be sure to discover some thing to fit your own enjoy degree, whether or not you are a newbie or a cake layout professional!.

About the Author
Zoe Clark is one of London’s leading wedding cake designers. She is the author of five books on cake decorating and runs the Cake Parlour, where she offers cake decorating classes and bespoke cake design services for every occasion. Zoe has recently started supplying the world-renowned Fortnum & Mason store with an exclusive range of wedding and celebration cakes and cookies. www.thecakeparlour.com

Lovely book. Bought it mainly for full instructions for sewing machine cake which I'd seen in magazine. Rather like the jewellery box too, so will hopefully make both for my mum and daughter whose birthday's are just a day apart. Going to be busy :).-Teressa P.
WOW! I had come to associate Zoe Clark with neat but predictable, sterile looking cake designs. Actually stopped buying/ looking at her books after the first as all others I reviewed and the designs on her website all had similar techniques. Wasn't really interested in this either because the front cover looks very Zoe Clark. Boredom and the free offer on kindle were the reasons I bothered to look at this book. I am TOTALLY impressed. Well done Zoe. You are so talented and I am soooo pleased you've shown just how much more you are capable of. Novelty cakes are here to stay, they are a great part of entertainment at any function. An unusual one makes a perfect talking point and sometimes the most memorable part of the occasion for guests. I know many people from various backgrounds who will want every one of those cakes. Particularly love that she has executed these designs with her trademark precision. Love every single one of them and can't wait to try them. I do agree with the reviewer who suggests the instructions could be more detailed for beginners. I have been decorating cakes purely as a hobby for a while now and this book will take pride of place in my wall to wall, ceiling to floor collection of cake decorating books. In fact I'd have this one signed by her if I ever get to meet her. There's just one cake decorator I admire enough to religiously buy whatever they print without even previewing because I've never been disappointed and this Zoe Clark book will be sat beside that special collection.-Remady

DOWNLOAD COOKING EBOOK  CHIC & UNIQUE VINTAGE CAKES  : 30 Modern Cake Designs From Vintage Inspirations | 26 Mb | Pages 128 | PDF | English

 Download ebook chic & unique cake vintage

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