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Download ebook THE APPLE COOKBOOK : 125 Freshly Picked Recipes 3rd Edition


125 Freshly Picked Recipes 3rd Edition

From sweet to savory and from breakfast to bedtime, apples take center stage on this fun extent. With recipes starting from traditional apple pies and crisps to unexpected surprises like floor Lamb Kebabs with Apple Mint Raita, this new version of the excellent-promoting traditional has been absolutely revised and redesigned to characteristic extra than 30 new apple-themed chocolates. With plenty of vegan and gluten-loose options, you’ll be cooking apple-primarily based dishes that you can enjoy with all of your buddies.

Bite into 125 delightful new possibilities for your daily apple. 
Celebrating the versatility of the beloved fruit, recipes range from crisp salads and warming soups to savory one-pot meals and, of course, dozens of sweetly satisfying desserts. Enjoy apple's tart flavor in a composed avocado salad; explore its complex contribution to onion samosas; and indulge in food nostalgia with pies, turnovers, crisps, and cobblers. You'll also find plenty of preserving ideas for all the apples you can't eat fresh.

About the Author

Olwen Woodier is the author of six cookbooks, including The Apple Cookbook. She has written about food for 35 years, including articles for the New York TimesGourmet, Woman's Day, andFamily Circle. She offers cooking classes at her home, Glenfiddich Farm, in Leesburg, Virginia.
 I first borrowed this book from the library and it was love at first read. I had to have a copy for my own personal library. The recipes are simply delicious. Did I also mention simple? A must read, make and eat.-Tinnipi
So many great recipes. I love this book. I've made several main meals and a lot of the desserts! I purchased this book for my mom as a Christmas gift, as she loves apples and wanted to try some new recipes.-msfit
Superb apple-centric cookbook! Easy to follow directions, great recipes, wonderfully delicious dishes. If you love apples, you must have this book in your kitchen. I highly recommend this cookbook.-Heidi256

DOWNLOAD COOKING EBOOK  THE APPLE COOKBOOK : 125 Freshly Picked Recipes 3rd Edition | 22 Mb | Pages 241 | PDF | Ebook

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