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On Food & Cooking

Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking is a kitchen exemplary. Hailed by Time magazine as "a minor artful culmination" when it initially showed up in 1984, On Food and Cooking is the book of scriptures to which sustenance darlings and expert culinary specialists overall turn for a comprehension of where our nourishments originate from, what precisely they're made of, and how cooking changes them into something new and heavenly.

Presently, for its twentieth commemoration, Harold McGee has arranged another, completely amended and overhauled version of On Food and Cooking. He has modified the content totally, extended it by 66%, and appointed more than 100 new delineations. As enthusiastically decipherable and connecting with as ever, the new On Food and Cooking gives innumerable enlightening bits of knowledge into nourishment, its readiness, and its delight.

On Food and Cooking spearheaded the interpretation of specialized nourishment science into cook-accommodating kitchen science and brought forth the innovative culinary development known as "atomic gastronomy." Though different books have now been composed about kitchen science, On Food and Cooking stays unmatched in the precision, clarity, and painstaking quality of its clarifications, and the fascinating route in which it mixes science with the chronicled advancement of sustenances and cooking strategies.

On Food and Cooking is a significant and great abridgment of fundamental data about fixings, cooking techniques, and the joys of eating. It will charm and intrigue any individual who has ever cooked, enjoyed, or pondered about sustenance.

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