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AUSTRALIAN FISH & SEAFOOD COOKBOOK - The Ultimate Kitchen Companion
Written through the maximum reputable government on seafood inside the country, this landmark e-book incorporates all you want to know about selecting and making ready over 60 styles of fish and seafood, including catching techniques, notes on sustainability, flavour profiles and cooking tips.
Extra than 130 recipes showcase the scrumptious potential of the large array of seafood available, and clear step-through-step photography illustrating the key techniques takes all of the guesswork out of cooking seafood at domestic.

Observed during through placing imagery, this critical e book is as lovely as it's miles informative, and becomes the benchmark reference for anybody interested in cooking and consuming fish and seafood.
'the bible for seafood. the handiest e book you will ever want on the topic.'-Neil Perry
'a book australia no longer handiest wishes, however desires, written through the best people in the country truly ready to address the undertaking. crucial.'-John Lethlean
John Susman is australia's preeminent providore of seafood, offering the u . s .'s first-class eating places. anthony huckstep is a restaurant reviewer, former chef and cookbook author.

Stephen Hodges is seemed via many inside the meals enterprise as australia's exceptional seafood chef. he is the chef at fishface eating place in sydney. sarah swan is a chef and recipe developer who worked for neil perry's rockpool organization for 14 years.

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