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Modernist Cuisine is an interdisciplinary team in bellevue, washington, founded and led by using nathan myhrvold. the group consists of scientists, studies and improvement chefs, and a full editorial crew all dedicated to advancing the nation of culinary artwork through the innovative utility of clinical information and experimental strategies.

Change the manner you think about food: modernist delicacies at home opens up a new international of culinary opportunity and innovation for passionate and curious home chefs. on this vibrantly illustrated 456-page quantity you may learn how to stock a cutting-edge kitchen, to master modernist techniques, and to make hundreds of stunning new recipes, consisting of stress-cooked caramelized carrot soup, silky smooth mac and cheese, and sous vide, braised short ribs. you will also learn about the science at the back of your favored dishes, what is surely going on whilst you roast a hen, and why pressure cookers are ideal for making soup.
Modernist Cuisine at Home  is destined to alternate the manner we prepare dinner—and the manner we use recipes. for all people who cook dinner frequently, this e-book opens up an entire new world of opportunities. it is complete of insights that encourage us to strive something new, and that train us some thing on every single web page. --martha stewart 
Modernist Cuisine at Home  gives useful techniques and answers that amplify our competencies, and it gives us with a practiced and thorough understanding of why matters happen the manner they do. most significantly, it ignites a curiosity within and compels us to invite ourselves no longer "what should we make for dinner?"; but alternatively, "what are we able to make for dinner?" --thomas keller
Nathan Myhrvold and his group, accountable last 12 months for the meals-publishing triumph of the decade, the six-extent modernist cuisine, have now scaled down and domesticated some of the advanced strategies... of these, sous vide cooking is the most likely to locate a place within the home kitchen, as it has in mine, and modernist delicacies at domestic treats the concern in glorious detail. --jeffrey steingarten, vogue


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