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Until now, home cooking has remained significantly out of contact with the technological developments that symbolize the relaxation of modern lifestyles. That is the book to show that technological know-how can dramatically improve the manner we eat. Having spent years refining his analytical and ingenious method at the fats duck restaurant, heston blumenthal is uniquely certified to deliver the benefits of science to the home kitchen. Both time-saving and power-green, his strategies unencumber the alchemical capability of flavor and taste.
The first part of the book maps the new techniques in fifteen sections, which includes: taste and taste; shares and infusing; brining, curing, marinating, and macerating; and sections on right care of meat, fish, pasta, and plenty of other dishes. Within the 2nd element, there are a hundred and fifty specifically selected recipes. Right here, at final, is the name of the game to irrefutably ideal fish and chips, in addition to some greater unconventional dishes which include salmon with licorice, and crab lasagna.

Heston at domestic is an ingeniously designed e-book for chefs who want to know how food works, and who're enthusiastic about adopting an unconventional method with a purpose to revolutionize the revel in of cooking at home.
We love this cookbook. The stories and explanations wax poetic in such a technical, yet passionate way. The food photography is decadent and the recipes are solid. Yes, some recipes and equipment might be beyond the average home cook, but it would be a bit silly to think that Heston Blumenthal's at home kitchen would be anything like the average American's kitchen. If you can get past this and accept it or like us, have a lot of kitchen tech and kit, then this is an awesome cookbook.--Kimchic
When I saw Heston Blumenthal was putting out a "cooking at home" cookbook, I expected something in the vein of his Family Food book, full of waffle recipes and pictures of his kids. But this is not that at all. This is far the opposite direction. This book was made for the bold and adventurous home cooks, those who want to cook new and exciting and challenging dishes at home, but find cookbooks like the French Laundry Cookbook or the Big Fat Duck Cookbook to be impractical.
This book is (mostly) practical. There are some recipes that call for things I promise you don't have on hand. Some will call for sous vide equipment or dry ice or Glycerine. Some will require attention and time that may not really seem worth it. But the reality is that all of these dishes really, truly can be done at home. The most exciting part is the presence of several Fat Duck recipes that have been overtly simplified into practical recipes. Interspersed are various traditional and unique recipes (eg, prawn cocktail, or Quinoa sushi).Each section (soup, salad, meat, etc) begins with a few pages of important information that delves into a bit of science (to be expected, and appreciated) that is of practical use to the home cook. These pages, along with the introductions to each recipe, make this cookbook one worth actually reading. There are tips on everything from how to dress lettuce greens and how to poach fish. It runs the gamut from soups and starters down through desserts and drinks.For those who looked at the Fat Duck Cookbook and said "cool, but no thanks," this book is what you need. While for most home cooks there are still some recipes that are beyond reach, the majority are approachable. But the real target of this book may really be us professional cooks who love to ogle glitzy and expensive cookbooks, but never really cook out of them ourselves. This book is fantastic recipes that require a bit of skill but are going to have fantastic results.--Bradley Nelson


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