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.Dad's Awesome Grilling Book : Techniques, Tips, Stories & More Than 100 Great Recipes
Is the 'dad' in your life a master at the grill? Does he wax poetic while standing proudly above his weber kettle? Does the smell of charcoal and open flame bring a smile to his lips? If so, then this book will quickly become his most prized possession. Chock full of recipes and advice for creating the most sizzling barbequed treats and looking cool, calm, and confident while wielding the tongs, Dads of all ages will appreciate the humor of this book. And with more than 100 recipes for Dads of all grill-levels, the rest of the family will benefit from these succulent and varied flame-fired meals.
Fabulous book for basic to semi-advanced recipes. Immediately tried his brats stuffed with cherries and wrapped in bacon and everyone raved about it including my other half who doesn't care for hot dogs! Each recipe has some kewl rub suggestions. Like having two recipes for one on each page. I can guarantee you can use some of these recipes to get your grilling "guinea pigs," to ask, "Where did you learn to cook like this?" Very much worth the $$$ to have on the bookshelf.-Restful Don
Terrific book. Reading it is like listening to the most reasonable and wittiest guy you know talk about his hobby. Super practical advice, and sooo funny. My husband and I were reading the short, eccentric sidebar stories to each other the first day we got this book; they are laugh-out-loud funny, and sometimes startlingly wise. The primer on ordering wine in a fancy restaurant is hysterical, and the wistful paean to the days when kids laughed at their dad's jokes...that inspired me to laugh at my husband's jokes that day, and by god, it made him so damn happy. I know a lot about grilling already, and these recipes were all new to me, easy, and delish. But it's not just the recipes, it's the whole ethos of grilling, he just lays it out for you, so whatever you're cooking, you won't blow it. PERFECT book for anyone who's secretly a little afraid of his grill. Oh, and I loved how there was no paper jacket to rip or remove, just a hardcover with photo artwork. Again, so simple and practical.-Eve Gordon
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