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EGGS & CHEESE - The Good Cook Techniques & Recipes Series


Eggs & Cheese

A protean pair I Egg classes and grades I Buoyancy: A measure of freshness I Making a fresh cheese at home I A cheese buyer's primer /Tools for handling cheese I An array of soft and semisoft cheese I A sampling of firm and hard cheeses 

The basic methods I Frying: Fast cooking in shallow fat I Deep frying: A route to cnsped whites I Soft-boding: Two approaches to tender whites I Firming whites for easy peeling I Poaching: Gentle heat for the unprotected egg I Steaming and baking: A reliance on integral garnishes 

The art of assembly /Garnishes that furnish body and flavor I A trio of basic sauces I Assemblies: Combinations without limit I Stuffing and dressing hard-boiled eggs I Coating to counteract dryness I Soft-centered packages with crunchy outer crusts I A gleaming aspic ring 

The many guises of scrambled eggs and omelets I An American approach to scrambling I Gentle cooking for a custardy result I Scrambling eggs in aromatic blends /The classic omelet: A masterpiece in a moment I Flat omelets, thick and thin I Separating yolks and whites for a souffle effect 

A range of roles I Baking molded custards I Quiche: Custard in a case I Sturdy souffle puddings steeped in a sauce I A souffle wrapping for a savory filling I Fondue: Molten and mellow I A choice of pastry containers I Surprise parcels with savory centers I Pancake packages 

Fried eggs 92 I Poached and mallet eggs 94 I Hard-boiled eggs 100 I Baked eggs 106 I Scrambled eggs 115 I Omelets 119 I Custards, puddings and souffles 133 I Pies and quiches 143 I Fondues and rabbits 151 I Special cheese presentations 155 I Basic cheeses 162 I Standard preparations 164

Another cookbook from the beautiful Time-Life collection. These cookbooks are amazing. Beautiful step by step color photographs that demonstrate techniques & just the very best recipes. An amazing set of books & each one is amazing. Get them while they are still available; I don't think you'll be disappointed. Who'd think that eggs could look so yummy!.-Lynda
What a great cooking resource this cookbook is--way better to eat very well at home and save my money for some more great cookbooks from this vender-cook book was in new condition and a great buy.-Penpall

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