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Download ebook MAKING ARTISAN CHOCOLATES : Flavor Infused Chocolates, Truffles And Confections by Andrew Garrison Shotts


Overlook milk chocolate molded into infantile candy bars. trendy chocolate sweets use chocolates with high cocoa content and less sugar then formerly available and are molded into pretty decorated pieces of artwork. once only on hand to pastry cooks and candy makers, home cooks can now buy high-give up domestic and imported candies of their local specialty shops. The latest availability of bittersweet chocolates coupled with our access to a worldwide grocery store and particular ingredients has created an increased interest in artisanal goodies.

Drew Shotts has been at the leading edge of this renaissance due to his bold use of precise flavor mixtures no longer normally related to goodies, together with chili peppers, maple syrup, and spiced chai tea. Making Artisan chocolates suggests readers how to recreate Drew's sudden flavors at home via the usage of herbs, vegetation, chilies, spices, veggies, end result, dairies and liquors.

About The Author :
Andrew Garrison Shotts, former pastry chef for Guittard Chocolate and owner of Garrison Confections, has broken new ground in the chocolate industry with the development of his artisan chocolate line. Shotts has accumulated a wealth of prestigious honors during his career. He was named one of Pastry Art & Design's "Ten Best Pastry Chefs in America" and was recognized as a "Top Ten Artisanal Chocolatier" by USA Today. His numerous television appearances include CBS's The Early Show, and Food Network's Food Nation and Follow That Food. Drew resides in Providence, RI.
Andrew Shotts is as good of an author as he is a pastry chef (he was named Pastry Arts and Design top10 some year or other). This is a great book, aimed at intermediate or higher pastry chefs. This book does require some specialized equipment to do the fancier techniques (dipping fork, molds, transfer sheets). But even without any specialized equipment, you can make any of the chocolate candies in the book.Contents include the following topics: chocolate basics and flavor pairings, including pairings with traditional flavors and non-traditional spices. About ~35 chocolate recipes. Recipes include standard classics like classic dark, classic milk, hazelnut praline. Recipes also include classic flavors (but maybe not classic pairings) like peanut butter+jam, and banana caramel. Finally there are non-traditional spice pairings like habanero+peanut butter, raspberry-wasabi, and mango-mint-coriander.-Eric J. Wu
Andrew instructs you in such a down-to-earth, practical, and detailed manner....its like having a teacher that's also a pal- right there next to you. I've been doing this for 16 years, and have accumulated a fairly substantial collection of books and instruction guides. This is probably the best one I have. Not only are the instructions and explanations clear and easy to understand, but the photography is amazing. You can take a glance at the page, just to make sure you're doing whatever you're doing...correctly.-A. Aho
This is an excellent book making truffles, molded chocolates, hand dipped chocolates, and old favorites. He has a history, tips and techniques making these treats to a home baker. He also gives you what percent of chocolate pairs well with ingredients that complement each other. A great find in the world of confections and chocolates, I look forward to try out his recipes and give to loved ones and friends during the holiday season.-Doraiama

DOWNLOAD COOKING EBOOK MAKING ARTISAN CHOCOLATES : Flavor Infused Chocolates, Truffles And Confections by Andrew Garrison Shotts | 96 Mb | Pages 178 | PDF | English

 Download ebook making artisan chocolates

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