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PASTA - The Good Cook Techniques And Recipes Series (Time Life Books)

The Good Cook


This amazing series of small-trim cookbooks brings together undying recipes, clean-to-observe instructions, and beautiful layout and images to create a contemporary library of culinary classics.

Pasta has been a staple meals for lots of years. It's the most versatile convenience food ever -- reasonably-priced, quick and easy to put together, and a great in shape for just about some thing. Right here are greater than 60 classics, short dishes, meatless dishes, and heartier dishes, in addition to recipes for notable sauces.

Another cookbook from the beautiful Time-Life collection. These cookbooks are amazing. Beautiful step by step color photographs that demonstrate techniques & just the very best recipes. An amazing set of books & each one is amazing. Get them while they are still available; I don't think you'll be disappointed. This one is getting hard to find, so do order soon if u are interested.-Kynda
I love pasta dishes but I have trouble understanding some Italian cook books. This book has excellent pictures and instructions for everything pasta (including Oriental)which take up about half the book. The other half has recipes which are good traditional ones and they are much easier after having studied the pictures. Note that this is an older publication and uses traditional ingredients such as lard, which suits me just fine. This is the second book in this series that I have purchased used. The first was Fish which was great also.-Penpall

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