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Making fore of fowl /The universal chicken /The festive turkey I Duck and goose I Squab and guinea hen I Serving wine with poultry /Vegetable garnishes that marry poultry flavors I Flavoring and tenderizing with marinades /A waste-free way of disjointing I Equal portions and how to obtain them 


PAN FRYING 191 Guaranteeing succulence /Step by step to a perfect saute I Boning chicken breasts for elegant supremes I The Chinese technique of stir frying I Fried chicken in a crisp coating

DEEP FRYING 29 2 A sizzling way to ensure crispness I How to gouge deep-frying temperatures I Marinated fried chicken with a crunchy crust I The secret of light, puffy batter I Boneless chicken breasts with a surprise inside 

ROASTING AND GRILLING 35 3 Juicy meat from dry heat I Easy ways to fill a bird with goodness I Removing the wishbone and trussing the bird I Learning to carve with skill and confidence I Something out of the ordinary: stuffing under the skin I Getting the most out of outdoor cooking 

BRAISING 5Ll Creating on assemblage of flavors /Composing a classic chicken braise I Changing a braise into a fricassee I Wines and spirits in the kitchen I A slow-cooking braise for goose and turkey I An ingenious method for boning birds whole I Boneless duck, plumply stuffed 

POACHING 67 5 Simple and delicious/Awhole meal from a single dish I A neat bundle of seasonings I Broth: a nourishing bonus I Keeping a young chicken from falling aport in the pot I Variations on a basic sauce 

A MEDLEY OF METHODS 736 Letting a bird baste itself /Cooking with the bird's own juices I Morsels baked in a pie I Putting a golden crust on a smooth sauce I Presenting leftovers with flair I A time-honored method for preserving goose I A gleaming centerpiece for the table 

ANTHOLOGY OF RECIPES 87 Chicken 88 IT urkey 143 I Rock Cornish game hen 148 I Squab 150 I Guinea hen 152 I Duck 153 I Goose 160 I Sauces and stuffings 165/ Standard preparations 167 
Another cookbook from the beautiful Time-Life collection. These cookbooks are amazing. Beautiful step by step color photographs that demonstrate techniques & just the very best recipes. An amazing set of books & each one is amazing. Get them while they are still available; I don't think you'll be disappointed.-Lynda
Had lost mine in a move, so instead of looking for it I bought a another one. This book has the best sauce, for Turkey Tetrazzini. You can put it on potatoes, and anything else you would like. And for a .01 it was the best deal I could, I had to buy a microwave to get the first one. The store sent it in a timely manner. Which was great because I wanted to fix it so bad and could not remember the recipe. Best buy all year.-Comare


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