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Professional Cake Decorating is a ought to-have resource for expert and aspiring cake artists, baking and pastry students, and cake adorning hobbyists, drawing on years of experience from grasp cake fashion designer and iacp award nominee toba garrett. This second edition has been completely remodeled with splendid new pictures and a fresh new design. The new abilties have been re-prepared right into a consumer-pleasant, step-by-step format, and line artwork and pictures in the course of the ebook offer a visible reference for each new technique. The ebook starts offevolved with an introductory bankruptcy on all of the fundamentals of the cake fashion designer's art, from protecting a cake board to assembling and icing a layered cake to stacking cake stages with pillars or columns. Subsequent chapters cowl decorating strategies including simple, intermediate, and superior piping competencies, the art of writing and painting, royal icing layout skills, hand modeling talents, pastillage production, gumpaste plant life, and much more. A bankruptcy on miniature cakes and adorned cookies consists of strategies for making petit fours and other small treats, even as the cake and confectionery gallery offers concept for decorators with nearly 20 complete-page photos of breathtaking cakes and facts at the strategies wished to finish each one. Garrett also consists of recipes for desserts, fillings, icings, cookies, and extra, as well as an appendix of templates to assist decorators reflect the designs shown within the book.
I have been long awaiting the arrival of this second edition book by the most talented Toba Garrett, and it has been worth the wait! Though Chef Garrett has published other fine books in the baking field, the first edition book of "Professional Cake Decorating" published in 2006, had been the one that came initially from the requests of her students; something to consolidate the overwhelming mountains of teaching in this field. The 2006 edition encompassed the techniques of cake decorating, though much can be used in other areas of culinary decorating (cookies, cupcakes, etc). Having the first edition book well-worn, I feel confident in my opinion that this second edition far exceeds all that she offered in the first. She has updated and reorganized this excellent teaching tome, by steamlining some aspects and intensifying others. With the initial target audience of students, those who are comfortable in their cake decorating skills, as well as a patient beginner, can certainly embrace the joyous challenges as she takes you through a myriad of more detailed lessons and techniques. To compliment the serious attention that she gives this artform, there is an accompanying instructor's manual as well. The photography is crisp and clear, the drawing clean, the text straight forward. Charts, colored and B&W photographs, with the steps needed to achieve the end results, are given. Having said this, there is an assumption that you have some skill base already. With each lesson, she provides you with the prep/set-up, the instructions, lesson reviews, and even performance tests to help build your confidence by practicing. Each lesson introduction page will list everything you will need to complete that section.-Tony
was required to buy this book for a cake decorating class, but I feel like this is one of the books that I'll keep forever in life. It has a lot of great recipes in the back that I still use. And one of the best frosting recipes I've ever had. There are a lot of piping techniques written there, but I feel like piping is kind of hard to learn through reading without demonstration.
And not all of the techniques had photos. I feel like this book does cover a lot of areas of cake decorating. If someone is interested in taking their cake decorating to the next level, or would like to learn the basics of cake, I would highly recommend they read this book. I feel like it starts off beginner with the introduction of cake, has some intermediate stuff there, and some really complicated baking stuff, so great for all levels of baking.-Sarah
This book is wonderful- it includes in-depth writing about almost any technique or cake decorating thing you would care to do. The one drawback I have found is that it does not have enough pictures. I am a visual learner, and even pictures of the finished decoration would be helpful. So far, I have just been reading it like a book, and it is sometimes difficult to visualize what she is trying to say. I have the feeling that once I start going through the lessons, I will have a better grip on what she is writing about.I have worked in a bakery before, so many of the terms are familiar, but the book might read like a textbook to a newbie, which could be another drawback.

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