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The artwork of charcuterie has been practiced because the fifteenth century, but in current years hobby has escalated on this artisanal forte. Pâtés, cured meats, terrines, and gourmet sausages are staples at upscale restaurants in addition to cocktail and dinner parties. modern charcutiers have delivered new and thrilling techniques and flavors for delicious (or even healthful) charcuterie. Written by using John Kowalski and the specialists at the CIA, The art of Charcuterie covers each factor of this rediscovered culinary art: curing and brining, smoking, terrines, pâtés, sausages, herbs and seasonings, sauces and relishes, and kitchen sanitation.
functions thorough explanations of gear of the trade, kitchen device, and components
includes technical and dietary explanations of all of the meats used inside the charcuterie kitchen and how to pleasant prepare them

heavily illustrated with two hundred full-colour snap shots, including techniques and completed objects
The artwork of Charcuterie is the remaining companion for specialists and devoted domestic cooks who want to master each traditional and contemporary strategies.
Making sausage is one of my favorite pastimes and this is a good book to have on your shelf!.-D. Jacobs
Exactly what we needed to start curing our own meats. It's so important to know where your food comes from and this is well written if you are interested in doing this yourself.-Theresa
 Very thorough for those who need an A to Z from equipment used to finished weight its wonderful. I have not finished the book yet its chuck full of proven instruction.-Michael Smollon

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