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In this terrifi and comprehensive new cookbook, Chef Migoya starts offevolved with the vital factors of present day cakes—like mousses, doughs, and ganaches—showing pastry chefs and college students the way to master those constructing blocks before molding and incorporating them into innovative finished desserts. He then explores in detail pre-desserts, plated cakes, dessert buffets, passed desserts, cakes, and petits fours.
At some point of, suitable and instructive images shows steps, strategies, and completed gadgets. The more than two hundred recipes and versions accumulated here cover in reality each method, concept, and form of dessert, giving specialists and domestic cooks a whole training in present day desserts.

Greater than 200 recipes inclusive of the entirety from artisan candies to french macarons to complicated masterpieces like 1st Baron Beaverbrook ice cream with crisp french toast and maple sauce
Written with the aid of certified grasp baker francisco migoya, a rather reputable pastry chef and the writer of frozen cakes and the modern-day café, each from wiley
Combining chef migoya's expertise with that of the culinary institute of the us, the elements of dessert is a have to-have useful resource for experts, students, and serious domestic chefs.

Pastry chef francisco migoya and the culinary institute of the united states take you on a guided tour via the innovative flavors, ingredients, and techniques in the exciting international of cakes. He explains the art of dessert via its most critical and essential factors which include mousses, doughs, and ganaches revealing in every recipe the way to include these constructing blocks into imaginitive, unforgettable cuisine. He begins by means of overlaying the center concepts and strategies, together with flavor breakdowns centered on combinations and compatibility; primary pastry strategies; principles of dessert and menu composition; practise techniques for essentials which includes custards, creams, and meringues; and chocolate making and tempering basics.

After exploring those essentials, migoya delves into the cakes themselves, divided into wonderful organizations:
PRE–DESSERTS: Semi–sweet small dishes such as Goat Cheese Bavarian Cream with Beet Jelly and Date Pound Cake Crumbs intended to bridge the gap between savory main courses and fully sweet desserts.
PLATED DESSERTS: Simple, modern, and elegantly plated recipes like Toasted Milk Panna Cotta Covered in Caramelized Milk Chocolate with a Crisp Croissant Crouton and Devil′s Food Cake Soup.
DESSERT BUFFETS: A wide range of small items from which diners may choose with an emphasis on dishes that will keep, as well as on visual impact and presentation such as Chocolate Blackout Cake with 64% Dark Chocolate Mousse, Luxardo Cherries, and Crème Fraîche.
PASSED AROUND DESSERTS: Small nibbles that are plattered and passed around the room, usually in easy–to–handle forms like lollipops or macarons.
Sections on cakes (Entremets) and petits fours (Mignardises) round out this collection of awe–inspiring desserts and highly sophisticated techniques. With Migoya′s unique approach and clear guidance, combined with gorgeous and instructive photography, The Elements of Dessertoffers a comprehensive education that will empower pastry students and working professionals alike to reach new heights in both flavor and presentation.
Very detailed excellent recipes and concepts very interesting for a long term chef with basic pastry skills but can definitely improve that now the only thing I would say is glad I got it for £45 and personally think it not worth 188 personally.-Mark Wikinson
A perfect manual for those who are interested in pastry and desserts. This books covers all the basics and a bit more, and therefore, it is something I truly recommend.-Nelson Dias Palma
The content and the creativity of the chef have absolutely no points to lose, the recipes have a vast variety of styles including Japanese, Vietnamese, European, American, etc; ideas flooded my mind when I read it. The book focuses on combinations of ingredients and depth of taste; for basic techniques of baking, I recommend , it makes a good pairing and fundamental for this book.It is mainly targeted to pastry chefs working in high-end restaurants, which some recipes involves specific equipment to complete.In spite of that, there are still some normal ones that are approachable. The Basic Elements (chapter one) introduced dessert making methods and ingredients combination in a very systematic and scientific manner. Then it goes to the Pre-desserts, Plated desserts, dessert buffets, passed-around desserts, cakes and petit fours sections respectively.The dessert chapters start with the galleries of dessert items with explanations on choices of ingredients and method of ensembling. The galleries are followed by the building blocks of each dessert. I find this arrangement rather user unfriendly. One has to flip back and forth to connect the recipe and get the whole picture while the page reference is single way instead of in both ways. The ensembling is also only available in text, which I think it would be clearer if they had a cross-sectional image of the desserts.The cover is a sleeve instead of printed on the hardcover; it has a bit folded marks and scratch marks on it. The photographs in the book are defined and mouth watering.Finally, this book is really expensive (even on discount), but for those who are looking for new ideas in dessert making or enthusiastic in exploring taste and flavors, this is a book that is worth keeping.-Cheryl

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