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THE PASTRY CHEF's COMPANION - A Comprehensive Resource Guide For The Baking and Pastry Professional

Even though there are numerous man or woman books on the subject of pastry, there has never been a single comprehensive aid . . . Till now. With the pastry chef's accomplice, baking and pastry enthusiasts and professionals alike now not should lose time searching for definitions, pronunciations, information, and assets.
With more than 4,800 terms and definitions from round the world plus ten appendices full of useful assets, the pastry chef's accomplice combines the exceptional capabilities of a dictionary and an encyclopedia. Similarly to the modern-day terminology of every thing of pastry, baking, and confectionary arts, this e book provides essential facts approximately the beginning and ancient heritage of among the terms.
Moreover, it gives:
  • Traditional and present day flavor developments that replicate cutting-edge pastry palette and industry practic
  • Insurance of the key elements inside the production of exceptional pastry products
  • Listings of distinctiveness providers, expert corporations, and baking and pastry internet website resources
  • Troubleshooting guide to solving not unusual baking and pastry issues
  • Illustrations of unusual pastry products and gadget
  • Phonetic pronunciations
Whether or not you are a culinary student, expert, or definitely a pastry enthusiast, the pastry chef's associate is your one-prevent aid for the arena of pastry, baking, and confectionary arts.
Great reference book to have around. Perfect for the professional or home baker. I used it practically everyday I was in culinary school. Lots of useful information in the back e.g., conversions, steps in baking, important temperatures, trouble shooting.-Bourbon
Convienant little pastry dictionary. Has most information will ever need to know on the spot. Definitely proved itself to be a pastry chef's companion.-Chef Tony Alvin
This book is absolutely fantastic for the novice home baker or professional pastry chef. I am the latter and find myself using this book often as a reference or to explain techniques or pastry jargon to employees. I highly recommend this book as a staple in all kitchens!.-Roxy
I neded this for a college class. It was perfect and much cheaper than at the campus bookstore.-Laura F

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