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The Wisdom Of Simple Cooking

The debut cookbook from Clare Lattin and Tom Hill, cooks of London's famous restaurant Ducksoup, featuring greater than one hundred thirty seasonal, easy, clean recipes. Named a book of the year in London's The Observer, The Telegraph and Spectator

once in a while a book comes out of a restaurant kitchen that speaks with such simplicity, information, and surprise, that it evokes home chefs to rethink their method. Ducksoup: The understanding of easy Cooking is one of these uncommon books. extra than a hundred thirty recipes and shade photographs feature seasonal produce, meats, fishes, and cheeses extended via workable way. A design it's as delightfully unique as the recipes brings the atmosphere of this precise London eating place—a Soho gem—to life, imparting fresh wondering for chefs in kitchens everywhere.

prepared into seven chapters, Ducksoup takes the reader thru the restaurants "easy" cooking philosophy and shares the foundation for the eating place, from international travels to growing up in England, in addition to Clare and Tom's essentials for a stocked larder. The recipes are prepared via cooking approach, and consist of:

• Pan-roasted Carrots, Goat's Milk Yogurt & Za'atar

•Spring Vegetable Fritters, Cucumber Yogurt & Curry Leaves

•Shaved Squash, Feta, Cumin & Mint

•Angel Hair Pasta, Sage, Rosemary & Parmesan

•Orzo Pasta, highly spiced Tomato Sauce & Feta

•Salt Cod, Tomato & Olive Oil

•Lamb Chops, Cumin & Garlic Yogurt

•summer Zucchini, Orecchiette, Parmesan & Oregano

•Poached Rhubarb, Crème Fraîche Ice Cream & Hazelnut Crumb

With approachable recipes and essays on creating the full dining experience, inclusive of assembling a successful charcuterie platter, selecting tune, a way to present dishes, and the case for biodynamic wine, Ducksoup captures the amusing and exhilaration of one in every of London's most exciting restaurants and permits readers to recreate the experience at domestic.

About the Authors

Clare Lattin started her career in book publishing over 20 years ago with Hodder Headline; she then traveled the world for 18 months working in restaurants. On returning to the UK she fell back into publishing, most recently at Quadrille, where she worked for 10 years as head of publicity, overseeing all their major cookbooks. During this period her passion for the food scene became obsessive, and it was here that she met the characters who put her on the path to opening her own restaurant. Clare also is the cofounder of Eightyfour, a small PR agency specializing in restaurant and food brands. Most recently, she has launched a ceramic brand called 'vessel and time'.
Tom Hill's love of cooking began as a child in the kitchen with his mother. Today, as a professional chef, he is executive chef of Ducksoup and co-proprietor of Rawduck. Tom has worked with a number of leading lights in the restaurant industry. He has managed the kitchens for Mitch Tonks of Fish Works, Mark Hix of Hix Restaurants, and Ed Wilson of Terroir (now chef-proprietor of Brawn).

Lovely book! The recipes are flavorful, unique, fresh, and simple. There’s so much color and contrast, creating the most aesthetically pleasing plates. You get to look like a très sophisticated culinary rock star with barely any effort. Well, no effort for the most part. They have a chapter of dishes to make when you have more lingering time to dedicate to din.-Jennifer Guerriro
If you love seasonal ingredients, then Ducksoup: The Wisdom of Simple Cooking is a book after your own heart. Nothing is more wonderful than the first early peas eaten straight from the pod, the local strawberries bursting with flavor available only one or two weeks a year, a perfect peach on a hot summers day, perfectly ripe tomatoes eaten still warm straight from the vine. Ducksoup: The Wisdom of Simple Cooking brings those flavors to life. One word of caution however: the Ducksoup Restaurant is located in London, not Boston or Chicago or LA, so their recipes revolve around what is readily available and seasonal in the UK. You're going to have to make a few allowances. One thing I've noticed traveling back and forth over the last decade to visit my daughter & granddaughter who live in a well-known university city not far from London is the difference in the foods available. Things like duck, game birds, venison and lamb are plentiful in the UK and much less expensive than they are here, if you can find them at all. The cheese and charcuterie shop in the city that my daughter lives in carries nearly a dozen different sorts of prosciutto, of various names depending on just where they came from. Here in the wilds of Vermont I am rather lucky to come upon something labeled "prosciutto." Here in Vermont the first blades of grass are just appearing, the leaves not yet opened and we've just finished making maple. Over in the UK my daughter is already harvesting herbs and rhubarb. One of the "staples" of our jumping-the-pond for a visit lifestyle these days is a large suitcase that travels back and forth full of . . . FOOD!.-Grandma

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Download ebook ducksoup the wisdom of simple cooking

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