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Revel in this clean take on genuine, time-venerated recipes and experience the tastes and flavors of the lighter side of Italian cooking without the heavy meat and cheese. super for vegetarians and people trying to consume more healthy, Alexandra’s filling and nutritious recipes hold the carbs, however recognition on vegetables, making them higher for you, too.

Alexandra will make your mouth water without the guilt with these delicious vegetarian Italian recipes―and greater than 70 recipes have a vegan option. appreciate the rich aromas and succulent flavors of vintage favorites like Creamy solar-Dried Tomato Bow Ties, homemade Gnocchi and tacky Lasagna for four, and discover new favorites in Spring Vegetable Lasagna, Tempeh Beaverbrook Carbonara and Zucchini Pasta with Bolognese Sauce. these pleasant, meatless food will have you ever making a song “That’s Amore” to sparkling Italian Cooking for the new generation.

Absolutely LOVE this cookbook! It's a perfect compilation of Italian vegetarian dishes that are easy to make, easy to follow and add super flavor. I've been searching for a cookbook that had healthy ways to prepare Italian pasta dishes and this hits the spot. It's also great because it gives Vegan options for many of the recipes.
My husband loves his meat dishes but since we've been using these recipes, he is pleasantly satisfied with the vegetarian options because of the flavor and they are filling but healthy. It's also great because I feel comfortable feeding my 1 year old twins these healthy vegetable and pasta dishes instead of always making them separate dishes. We feel a spike of energy after these amazing dishes.Thanks for changing our way of life with all these healthy options. Sincerely, the Milavickas family!-Paige Modena
This cookbook is amazing! I love it so much I've given it to my mom and 3 girlfriends as gifts! I love Italian food, but I also try to eat healthy. This is the perfect combination! My favorite thing about these recipes is that they are not only delicious, but also totally doable in terms of ingredients and time to prep and cook. It's my new favorite cookbook! Keep the cookbooks coming, Alex! Thank you!-Lindsay
We love this cookbook. We've already tried several of the recipes, they're straightforward and fairly easy for all levels of cooking skills. I appreciate that options for vegan versions OR vegetarian versions of the recipes are included. Highly recommend.-Pam W.

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