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Download ebook FROZEN DESSERTS by Francisco J. Migoya


by Francisco J. Migoya

A definitive guide to frozen desserts offers tips and techniques for formulating recipes for ice creams, gelato, sorbets, and sherbets and includes recipes for creating two hundred savory items. 
It is essential for any serious pastry chef to have a comprehensive knowledge of frozen dessert production, and Frozen Desserts provides all the basic information a pastry professional needs.
Introductory chapters include:
  • the history and evolution of frozen desserts
  • ingredients including dairy products, sugars, stabilizers, emulsifiers, fruits, and flavors
  • equipment including churning machines, production equipment, and storage and serving containers
  • essentials on storage, sanitation, and production and serving techniques
Recipe chapters cover:
  • Dairy-Based Frozen Desserts, which include ice cream, gelato, and sherbet
  • Non-Dairy Desserts, which include sorbet and granites
  • Aerated Still-Frozen Desserts, which include parfaits, semi-freddos, and frozen mousses and souffles
Each recipe chapter covers both classic and modern small-batch production techniques, basic formulas, and both basic and advanced base recipes.
The final chapter, "Finished Items", makes use of these base recipes and shows readers how to produce, plate, garnish, and serve small desserts, plated desserts, frozen cakes, and even frozen accompaniments to savory courses. Recipes are illustrated throughout by full-color beauty photographs. An instructor's manual and companion website are also available for classroom use. 

This book is amazing. I've only just begun to read this book but already I can tell there is a LOT of valuable information inside. I've been making frozen desserts (mostly ice cream) for many years and I was hoping this book would add to what I already know. So far I have not been disappointed.
Inside you'll not only find the usual short history of frozen desserts and details about ingredients and ice cream formulas, you'll also find information on how ingredients interact with one another and some sanitation notes to keep your food safe. Included are also specifics on how formulate a proper sorbet and how create still frozen (not churned) frozen treats such as parfaits and bombes. As others have noted, the formula amounts can be quite large for home or small batch use, but scaling should not be an issue. This may not be the best place to start with if you're a home cook and just beginning down the road of frozen desserts but if you want to expand your knowledge or you're a quick learner I highly recommend this book.-Windanesse
I really like the technical explanation about every ingredient of the ice cream. this is the 2nd book I found excellent to get what you need to know to make a good base ice cream. It has professional information that you could use in a professional setting like I will.-Laura
I just received this book and realize I am truly out of my depth. Intimidated, but excited about learning from a master. I'm a pretty good home cook, and have recently began making ice cream and other frozen desserts. But this is incredible. Each photo is a work of art in and of itself, and the foods pictured are also each a work of art within each photo. Migoya is not a chef, he is an artist. Food is his medium, and this book demonstrates his expertise. I will delve into this and discover how the recipes can be scaled down to home use. These are not home dinner quantities, they are desserts by the kilo! The recipes look great, and many of the more restaurant-level ingredients can be sourced on the internet easily these days. This is definitely not for the beginner, but will be well worth it for someone like me who wants to increase his skills with an eye towards commercializing his talents one day.-James C

Download ebook Frozen desserts by francisco j. Migoya

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