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Download ebook PLATING FOR GOLD - A DECADE OF DESSERTS, From The World And National Pastry Team Championships



Learn to create plated cakes like a master, with recipes from the arena and national Pastry group Championships

Considered the Olympics of the pastry arts, the world and countrywide Pastry Championships have been founded by Michael Schneider in 1999. on the grounds that then, it has grown into the united states' maximum prestigious and famous pastry opposition, aired yearly on TLC. Now, in Plating for Gold, pastry chef Tish Boyle offers the most astounding dessert recipes from the first decade of the opposition and shows how you may recreate the identical award-prevailing cakes to your own kitchen.

Plating for Gold includes 50 recipes for clearly mind-blowing cakes created with the aid of professional pastry cooks like Ewald Notter, Jacquy Pfeiffer, and Sebastien Cannone, all provided in smooth-to-observe, step-with the aid of-step instructions. you'll discover whimsical and delicious one-of-a-type recipes like Strawberry Soup, Vanilla Panna Cotta Napoleon, and Almond Tartlet; hot Chocolate Soufflé, Ginger Mousse, and Tropical Parfait; and Yin-Yang Flourless Chocolate Cake, in addition to perception and recommendation from top pastry cooks on perfect plating.
  • Includes advice on critical system, stocking your pastry kitchen, and perfect flavor pairings to help you create your very own authentic recipes
  • Capabilities attractive complete-coloration photos of completed cakes, as well as hand-drawn sketches to illustrate plating techniques and offer endless thought
  • Gives a in the back of-the-scenes take a look at the arena of pastry opposition, with candid photos and insider recommendation from a number of state-of-the-art excellent pastry cook

Whether or not you aspire to compete with the great at the Pastry crew Championships or clearly want to impress guests at your next big night meal, Plating for Gold is the gold wellknown in dessert cookbooks.

About the Author

TISH BOYLE is the editor of Dessert Professionalmagazine and the former editor of Chocolatier. She is the author of several books on baking and pastry, including Chocolate PassionDiner DessertsThe Good CookieThe Cake Book, and the Grand Finales series. Her articles and recipes have appeared in such publications as the New York TimesFine CookingFood & Wine, and Every Day with Rachael Ray. An experienced pastry chef who trained at √©cole de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris, she frequently serves as a judge in pastry competitions.

Anyone who wants to be an upper tier pastry chef would be advised to purchase this book for the exhaustive photos and recipes. There's no better idea source for artistic inspiration than this book. Because of this, I have to give it 5 stars. What I don't like about this book is that probably the most interesting parts of these creations are the chocolate and pulled sugar decorations. That's why I bought the book. So of course I want to know how to make those. But each time I saw something I wanted to make, it referred me to page 308 where there is a basic sugar syrup recipe. And that's it. So I make the recipe, then what?? I realize it's a bit complicated, but even an overview would be appreciated. I have a general notion of how to make sugar art but I wanted insight on how each of those ornaments were made. There was thorough instruction on how to make the tuile ornaments, like the abstract wafer on the cover. If you want to tackle any of these recipes, you will need a lot of time, research and education. Unless you're already a gourmet pastry chef of the top level. Then this would be a good idea file. So if you're looking for nice photos of pulled sugar and chocolate, this is great. If you're looking for a manual on how to make pulled sugar ornaments, this won't work.-Terry
Very in depth book that covers the construction of a dish with many techniques and recipes by some very good chefs. Visually the book is appeal but I would say this book is for advanced chefs or pastry professional. This book is definitely one of my personal favorite pastry or plating inspiration books.-Slofoodgroup
THis is a great book, nothing in there is not to complicated to do, no crazy ingredients or techniques. Just the regular equipment, silicone pans, ice cream machine. Great detail on every dessert, plating illustrations, lots of pictures, great desserts in here. 30 bucks well spent, I have taken a couple of things out of here for my dessert menu as we speak.-Chef Brady
Great book but not for beginners as the recipes are difficult and not that well explained. As a professional it's interesting knowing how this competitions take place and all the mise en place you have to do in order to enter this contests. Great book, great ideas!.-Sandra

 DOWNLOAD COOKING EBOOK PLATING FOR GOLD - A DECADE OF DESSERTS, From The World And National Pastry Team Championships | 145 Mb | Pages 336 | PDF | English

Download ebook plating for gold a decade of desserts
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