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A Collection of Seasonal Recipes

At the quit of the day, collect across the table for a easy, clean, and healthy meal. it is Linda Hafner's no-fail method for a thriving own family. along with her farm-clean awareness and divide-and-conquer approach, it is completely do-capable, even for people with the busiest schedules.Linda has advanced a repertoire of simple, delicious, and visually lovely recipes that celebrate local seasonal produce. She's a grasp at cooking in smooth increments, so that food come together in a flash at the quit of a hectic day. 

Within the time it takes to cook a pound of pasta, Linda can put together her vibrant natural Plum Tomato Sauce from scratch. Her signature After-Dinner Salad is an awful lot simpler, and greater nutritious than a prepackaged salad blend drenched in preservatives and processed salad dressing.And, whilst fresh, wholesome food are Linda's precedence, she's additionally famous for fabulous, indulgent desserts including her sublime Strawberry Trifle and happy Birthday Chocolate Cake. With Linda, it's all about locating the balance between nourishing the body and fueling the family spirit.

About the Author

Linda Gelsomin Hafner and her husband, Chuck, are cofounders of Chuck Hafner's Farmer's Market in North Syracuse, NY. She is passionate about health, nutrition, and exercise. Certified as a health/fitness instructor by the American College of Sports Medicine, Linda earned a BS in home economics from Marywood University and an MS in exercise science from Syracuse University.
My gourmet cooking sister in NJ told me she was cleaning out old cookbooks and recipes in preparation for a retirement move. Imagine her surprise when a cookbook arrived as a birthday gift in April. She thought I was a little nuts. But after reading and trying it she decided it was amazing and a keeper. Simple, healthy and delicious. I can't believe how wonderful and easy the after dinner salad is! Who knew that switching to white balsamic would make such a difference. I've been trying to eat Mediterranean - more fruits and vegetables - and this is helping. Our business is giving this book to clients as a healthy birthday gift this year.-Claen
My mom got me this cookbook and since then, I have given it as a gift to many other friends. Linda's recipes are simple, yet delicious! I have made her after dinner salad almost every night since getting the cookbook. I have also made the following: fresh strawberry pie, asparagus frittata (a friend made this for me), fresh lemonade from scratch, cool cucumber salad,perfect peach shortcake (I used strawberries), maple-roasted sweet potatoes, crispy kale, magical chicken soup, snd super bowl chili-all of which were amazing! I can't wait to try more of her recipes. I also like the way the cookbook is organized-by season and the little stories that she tells about her family and the local area of which I am from. I would recommend this cookbook for new and seasoned cooks!.-Megan
This cookbook is great. The recipes are appetizing and easy to follow. And the conversational, informational asides make it feel like a friend is giving hints for even greater success. Plus, the photography of the dishes is beautiful.-Lora

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