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Modern Ancient Classic Whole

The third in a series of conventional, collectible cookbooks from Tartine Bakery & Cafe, one of the terrific bakeries, Tartine book No. three is a modern, and altogether well timed, exploration of baking with entire grains. The narrative of Chad Robertson's look for historic flavors in heirloom grains is interwoven with 85 recipes for entire-grain variations of Tartine favorites. Robertson stocks his groundbreaking new strategies of bread baking consisting of new strategies for complete-grain loaves, in addition to porridge breads and loaves made with sprouted grains. 

This e-book additionally revisits the enduring Tartine Bakery pastry recipes, reformulating them to encompass whole grains, nut milks, and alternative sweeteners. extra than one hundred pix of the adventure, the bread, the pastry and the humans, make that is a need to-have reference for the modern baker.

About the Author

Chad Robertson is co-owner of Tartine Bakery & Cafe and Bar Tartine in San Francisco, where he lives.
I admit to being a bit daunted by the number of sprouted grain recipes as my previous grain sprouts have yielded mixed results. Chad has a pretty detailed single page (Pg. 110 with pg.111 devoted to pictures of sprouted grain) devoted to sprouting your own whole grains. My only caveat is you must source grains capable of a decent yield of sprouts and many health food stores sell whole grain that will not sprout sufficiently due to age and handling.The porridge Bread recipes include a batch of grains that is cooked before being fermented as part of the dough and I already have one of these rising.
There are recipes for Amazake rice bread and Koji starter grain bread! In many ways it doesn't matter how my first attempt turns out as this is very technique dependent style of baking so hands on experience with these wet and sticky doughs requires a bit of fearlessness on the part of a amateur baker. Shaping really sticky wet dough is tricky and don't expect your results to look like Chad's beautiful pictures until you have some experience under your belt. He is baking in a commercial gas fired brick oven with steam injection so let that be part of your guide as to differences between his results and yours.The really thick crusts and great oven spring are created in brick ovens with steam injection so you must figure this one out using your own oven.
-D. Sweedler
This is arguably the most bread-focused so far of the books published under the tartine banner. it covers the basic tartine recipe (albeit without as much of the history of chad robinson's basic loaf) but also includes a bunch of new recipes and techniques that emphasize whole grains (sprouted grain, porridge, prefermented grain), as well as indexes of heirloom varieties. colorful inserts about robertson's work abroad are idyllic and offer a glimpse of the food scenes in northern and central europe that would be new information to most of his north american fans.-RFA
This book is beautiful, the recipes are clear, easy to read, and well written. Who doesn't love whole grains? Who wouldn't like to try ancient methods? Do get this book. I certainly do not regret it!-Ann Sentron

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