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Download ebook THE JOY OF VEGAN BAKING - More Than 150 Traditional Treats & Sinful Sweets by Colleen Patrick


More Than 150 Traditional Treats & Sinful Sweets
Baking without eggs or dairy is a pleasure with this updated model of the vegan traditional.

Whether or not you want to bake dairy- and egg-loose for fitness, moral, or environmental reasons, this updated version of The pleasure of Vegan Baking lets you have your cake and devour it, too! proposing familiar favorites -- from cakes, cookies, and crepes to pies, puddings, and pastries -- this e book will display you simply how easy, handy, and delectable baking with out eggs and dairy can be. Winner of the VegNews magazine award for Cookbook of the yr in 2008, The pleasure of Vegan Baking has been updated, with all new images and freshly revised recipes that use the cutting-edge herbal substances and strategies.

Research just how easy it is to revel in your favourite homespun chocolates with out compromising your health or values. these treats are free of saturated fat, ldl cholesterol, and lactose, but full of taste. Recipes encompass Chocolate Chip Scones, Lemon Cheesecake, Dessert Crepes, Cinnamon coffee Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes, Raspberry Sorbet, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, tender Pretzels, Blueberry Cobbler, and Chocolate Almond Brittle.

A pro cooking teacher and self-described "completely happy vegan," author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau lays to relaxation the parable that vegan baking is an inferior alternative to non-vegan baking, putting it in its rightful place as a legitimate contender within the baking area. greater than only a series of recipes, this informative cookbook is a valuableresource for any baker.
This a fantastic cookbook! Colleen Patrick-Goudreau cover all the basics, clears up any questions or confusion about how to bake, vegan.
The cookbook has a great variety of recipes, while still being true to the most familiar, and popular baked goods we all grew up with. There aren't any strange configurations of ingredients, or methods to getting to a finished product. The author, makes it easy. The book itself is a great size, and being a softcover, very easy to use. I just love it.-Bella Veronica
Lots of great recipes that taste good too! This from someone who recently gave up meat worried that food would just be bland. Boy was I wrong.-Tommy Timmons
We have been buying a lot of vegan cookbooks and I am beginning to realize that you really need to find one that fits your tastes and style of eating. The same goes for baking. Colleen's "Joy of Vegan Baking" is amazing. We have tried many many of the recipes and they are delicious. There are tons of familiar favorites, like peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, which are just like the what I grew up with, only without the eggs. My family, who are not vegan, love them and I am now in charge of baking them for the holidays. There are also recipes for frosting and other toppings (I will never buy store bought frosting again, the recipe here is just way tastier!). The book includes tips and conversion charts, handy things like what types of apples are good for pies or cakes, baking definitions and kitchen tools and what they are used for. It's chock full of delicious recipes and tips and tricks for all your baking needs!.-Wade Hodhold
Lovely book! Makes vegan baking for a newbie less daunting! Familiar recipes with lots of helpful tips. I do have two wishes: I am a picture kind of gal. I really wished that every food dish had a picture. I like to know where I am headed. Secondly no nutrition facts on anything! I like to be able to know what I am getting into as well. If I have a certain number of left calories for my dessert for that day, nutrition at the bottom of the recipes would be a big timesaver!. I will update my review when I get to bake something!.-WidmesMo

 DOWNLOAD COOKING EBOOK THE JOY OF VEGAN BAKING - More Than 150 Traditional Treats & Sinful Sweets by Colleen Patrick | 29 Mb | Pages 439 | PDF | English

Download ebook the joy of vegan baking

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