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The New Best of BetterBaking.com

An increased version of the well-loved and sought-after baking bible, with 35 new recipes, all-new photos and a sparkling lookWhen it became first launched in 2002, The first-rate of BetterBaking.com turned into an instant bestseller, taking pictures the hearts of bakers anywhere. With the massive reputation of Marcy's brand new identify, A ardour for Baking (which offered over a hundred and twenty,000 copies in a 12 months), the timing couldn't be better to re-launch her baking traditional the brand new pleasant of BetterBaking.com.

Before each domestic baker had their very own blog, Marcy Goldman was sharing her mouth-watering recipes and realistic baking recommendations on the floor-breaking website BetterBaking.com. Its enticing style made it an underground favourite with bakers and its recipes commenced to advantage a recognition for developing the exceptional desserts, cookies, breads and truffles obtainable. It wasn't lengthy earlier than The big apple times became praising the site for its superior design, scrumptious meals and exciting and informative essays. This ebook collects the pleasant recipes and essays from the much cherished internet site, presenting them for the primary time in old-fashioned book format.

You will feel as if you are having a cup of coffee with a friend as you read anything written by Marcy Goldman! I loved her recipe blog & subscription recipe service way back years ago. I was so tickled when I found this copy used & snatched it up. It's more than a cookbook. it's great reading!.--7kidsmom
Just like all of Marcy's books, this one promises to hold a place of distinction in my growing cookbook collection. Along with some favorites, there are many new recipes, with beautiful full-color pictures, that will certainly be added to my baking repertoire as soon as I get into the kitchen this weekend. I already know that I want to start with the chapter called "The Cookie and Biscotti Jar," followed immediately by "Scone and Muffin Mania." Along with each recipe are the author's suggestions for keeping, freezing, and changing-up to make the end products your own, as well as a little bit about how the recipe got into the book. For my younger son, I will start with Killer Chocolate Layer Cake, made entirely with ingredients on hand. We are all big Marcy Goldman fans in my house, and her latest cookbook is sure to be a huge hit in your home, too. Don't forget to visit her website at BetterBaking.com for more of her famous innovative creations!.- Lisa C.Wolf
Okay, I admit to a cookbook addiction. Marcy is my favorite for all things baking. Her books are beautiful. Her manor is friendly, informative and very easy to follow. I enjoy it as much for her storied introductions and tips as well as the amazing recipes. I have three books of hers and don't find a lot of repeats. I definitely think this would be a great primer for first time bakers. The suggested materials section is great. I learned about different flours through her and it does make a difference. Am ordering one of these for my nieces upcoming wedding shower and will use the material guide to include a few baking pans,etc. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to be a baking star!.-Linda J.Ponton

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