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From the authors of the acclaimed cookbooks Eleven Madison Park and I Love New York comes this uniquely packaged cookbook, proposing recipes from the wildly famous eating place and, as an delivered surprise, a hidden lower back panel that opens to reveal a separate cocktail e book. 

Chef Daniel Humm and his business partner Will Guidara are the owners of two of new York's maximum beloved and pioneering restaurants: Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad. Their crew is thought no longer simplest for its perfectly finished, progressive cooking, but also for growing brilliant, genre-defying dining reports.  The NoMad Cookbook translates the unparalleled and often sudden food and drink of the restaurant into e-book shape. What seems to be a traditional cookbook is in truth two books in a single: upon commencing, readers find out that the lower back half includes fake pages wherein a smaller cocktail recipe ebook is hidden. The result is a splendidly sudden series of both sweet and savory meals recipes  and cocktail recipes, with the luxurious images with the aid of Francesco Tonelli and impeccable fashion for which the authors are regarded.  

The NoMad Cookbook promises to be a studying revel in like no different, and can be the vacation present of the 12 months for the foodie who has the entirety.

About the Author

DANIEL HUMM and WILL GUIDARA are the proprietors of the three-Michelin starred Eleven Madison Park and operate the restaurant at the NoMad Hotel in Manhattan. LEO ROBITSCHEK is an award-winning mixologist and bar director at the NoMad, which won the James Beard award for Outstanding Bar Program in 2014.

I just want to extend a thank you to Daniel, Leo, and Will and for sharing their recipes and talents with this cookbook. I am a yacht chef, and therefore work alone. I don't have the camraderie of other chefs to learn from or bounce ideas off. I have fallen in love with this book and have poured over every page and recipe. They have taught me so much and elevated my cooking this season on board. I am systematically working my way through each recipe and the guests have been thrilled. This is a book to learn from--no matter what your level of ability is in a kitchen. Beautiful pictures, easy to understand recipes, and mostly obtainable ingredients. I hope there will be many more to follow.-Victoria Allman
A book representing one of new york's finest establishments. There is also the Nomad guide to cocktails enclosed in the book. You will learn nothing but the finest of recopies in this book. For the price was right and came in new excellent condition.-Mike
Awesome book. Just not as awesome as EMP. They are different styles. Very cool styling. The bar recipe book at the end was clever. As well as the schematics sheet included in the front. The recipes are solid it's just that I prefered the way the food photos were displayed in EMP. Nomad reminds me of an old book in a good way. It feels classic. The pages are thick. Real quality. This is surely a book to have in your collection. Looking forward to their next updated EMP. The photos of the hotel are really cool too. Very ambitious and daring on the part of the EMP team.-William Basurto
My son wanted this book in the worst way. I bought it for his Christmas present. It is a beautiful book. Well made. Worth the price. The illustrations great too. Perfect for the chef in your life.-Louise


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