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Eat Like You Give A Fuck

Thug Kitchen started out their wildly popular website to encourage people to eatsome goddamn veggies and undertake a more healthy life-style. cherished byGwyneth Paltrow ('This might be my favorite thing ever') and with half a million facebook enthusiasts and counting, Thug Kitchen desires to reveal all of us the way to take rate in their plates and cook dinner up some real f*cking meals. 

Yeah, masses of blogs and cookbooks pontificate about the way to consume extra kale, whyginger fights inflammation, and the way to cook with microgreens andnettles. however they're dull or pretentious as hell -and most people can not afford the hype. 

Thug Kitchen lives inside the actual global. Intheir first cookbook, they may be throwing down greater than one hundred recipes fortheir first-rate-loved food, snacks and aspects for starting chefs to homechefs. (Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos? Pumpkin Chili? GrilledPeach Salsa? believe that shit.) Plus they are going to arm you with allthe information and strategies you want to save on a finances and cross and kick abunch of ass on your own. 

This book is an invitation toeveryone who desires to do higher to elevate their kitchen recreation.
No moreketchup and pizza counting as veggies. No greater power-through traces. Nomore fending off the produce nook of the grocery store. Shit is about toget real.

I'll start by saying, the food in this book is amazing. Out-of-this-world good. I live in Portland, the mecca of all things vegan, and my non-vegan friends have been clawing at my door to eat these recipes instead of eating out. It is some hearty, delicious stuff. That being said, I feel like they kind of sell it as a beginner's cookbook, and that it is not. The intro says 'Cooking vegetables takes a minute and a little finesse, but it's not &%#* rocket science.' But these recipes are complicated! They do include a lot of instructions. And big bonus points for the fact that you don't need a bunch of esoteric ingredients and fancy kitchen gadgets. Still, I haven't made an entrée yet that took under an hour. They have you making your own sauce and everything from scratch. For me, this is not weeknight cooking. And it might be challenging for new cooks to be juggling a sauce, a sauté and steaming veggies all at once. I wish they had prep and cook times listed for recipes, but I have to read the recipe and make an educated guess. Anyway, those are just things to be aware of. The food is delicious, the tone is funny, and I have been talking it up to my friends.-Maggie A.
I recently received this in the mail upon ordering. I have amazon prime so i go ti t fast. Most of the reviews ive read before purchasing this book are mostly people complaining about the cursing, that they didn't know it was vegan and that the ingredients are too "fancy". so before i give my review i want to say to those people; who buys things without reviewing them?? and then complains about i t afterwards?? I mean the trailer and entire motto wrapped around this book is cursing. OBVIOUSLY its going to be cursing... how are you surprised? which leads me to another complaint ive seen which says they are offended by the term "thug". UHM, it isn't literally them supporting thugs.. its like a metaphor.. they are thugs in the kitchen, they toughen you up and motivate you in almost a boot camp sort of way. therefore they're they thugs in the kitchen telling you how to get that sh*t right.-Vanessa
OK...language is a bit unnecessary. But the recipes are to die for. First up...the Sweet corn and green chili baked flautas. I had all the ingredients on hand (thanks to Trader Joes) except the lime juice. Prep took minutes. Oven time again mere minutes. The husband and I thought we were in Mexican Heaven! Party food good. I can't wait to try out more. On my way now to purchase the other two books by the Thugs...whoever they may be. I'm not sure if they kiss their Mama with their mouths due to the language, but a gimmic is a gimmic I guess.-Mugsmom

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