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ALINEA by Grant Achatz

The debut cookbook from the restaurant gourmet magazine named the exceptional within the us of a.

A pioneer in American cuisine, chef grant Achatz represents the first-rate of the molecular gastronomy movement--extraordinary basics and incredible flavor paired with a groundbreaking technique to new strategies and equipment. ALINEA showcases Achatz's cuisine with greater than one hundred dishes (totaling six hundred recipes) and 600 pix presented in a deluxe volume. three feature pieces frame the ebook: Michael Ruhlman considers Alinea's role inside the global eating scene, Jeffrey Steingarten offers his unique tackle dining on the eating place, and Mark McClusky explores the position of technology inside the Alinea kitchen. buyers of the book will get hold of access to a website providing video demonstrations, interviews, and an online discussion board that permits readers to engage with Achatz and his team. 

"Achatz is some thing new at the country wide culinary landscape: a chef as formidable as Thomas Keller who wants to make his mark not with perfection however with constant innovation . . . Get close enough to sit down and allow your self to be teased, challenged, and coddled via Achatz's model of this kind of cooking, and you may have one of the most enjoyable culinary adventures of your lifestyles." --Corby Kummer, senior editor of Atlantic monthly 

"a person new has entered the arena. His call is grant Achatz, and he is redefining the yank eating place all over again for an entirely new era . . . Alinea is in perpetual motion; having eaten here as soon as, you cannot wait to return lower back, to see what Achatz will provide you with next." --GourmetReviews & AwardsJames Beard basis Cookbook Award Finalist: Cooking from a professional factor of View category  James Beard basis splendid Chef Award! "Even in case your kitchen is not equipped with a paint-stripping warmth gun, thermocirculator, or refractometer, and you are most effective vaguely aware that cooks use siphons and foams in modern cooking, you may enjoy this daring cookbook from furnish Achatz of the Chicago eating place Alinea.. . . whilst the recipes can rarely end up a part of your everday cooking, this e-book is some distance too exciting to be left at the espresso table. As you examine, a question emerges: Is Alinea's meals artwork?
. . . i am going a touch further, describing Achatz with a word that he would probable never use to explain himself: avant-garde, as it described art actions at the beginning of the remaining century--planned, self-concious, and dependent tries to initiate and shake the repute quo. just as with the ones artists, the outcomes are not always as interesting as the intentions and concepts in the back of them. on this feel, this volume constitutes a full-blown although no longer threatening manifesto."—artwork of ingesting

About the Author

GRANT ACHATZ was named one of the best new chefs in America by Food & Wine in 2002. He received the James Beard Rising Star Chef award in 2003; the Best Chef/Great Lakes award in 2007; and the top honor, Outstanding Chef in the United States, in 2008. Before opening Alinea in 2005, Achatz was sous chef at the French Laundry and the executive chef of Trio in Chicago. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

I'll keep it short!! I purchased this book after eating at Alinea and falling in love with his modern cuisine. As a chef you can only idolize what Grant does and attempt to do some of his magic. The book is easy to read and follow! Some of his recipes and stuff in here is a little dated compared to what he knows and puts out but still amazing and delicious!!. The only down side is that to completely complete one whole meal, you need to have crazy machines, ingredients, time, and money!!!!!! I have successfully replicated some of his dishes but man, it was no easy or cheap chore!! While in the end it was great and rewarding!! I don't think I will EVER be able to complete most of what he has in there!!. If you're a chef is is a must have in your repertoire!!! And I highly recommend saving some money, time, and buying tickets early to go try some of his amazing food!!!.-Suli
If you're a fan of Alinea, then you know the restaurant is much more than just a restaurant. It's an experience. The book, Alinea, is an extension of the experience. The narrative is very interesting to read. The recipes are written such that you can easily take a dish apart and construct your own creation from it. So, you can take the recipe for a sauce and apply it to your steak or shrimp and make your ordinary dinner something extraordinary. There is even helpful information about substitutes for hard-to-find ingredients. The book is a companion to a website that is available only to people who have purchased the book. I haven't visited the website yet, but the book claims that Grant Achatz and his staff participate in online discussions and there are supposed to be videos on the website that accompany many of the recipes. I'm very much looking forward to exploring this.-Wally Lafferty
Beautiful pictures.This book is not for the home cook. It's great info, but the recipes call for ingredients you'll never find at grocery stores. You'll find that if you want to make anything you're going to have to buy them specially online or maybe a specialty shop locally. You'll also find you need special equipment for some of them.-Jenn S.

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Download ebook Alinea cookbook

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