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Given that its authentic booklet in 2009, Artisanal Gluten-free Cooking has step by step grown in popularity as an increasing number of home chefs have embraced Kelli and Peter Bronski’s high-qualitu gluten-free recipes for every meal, from breakfast through dessert. Now, in an appreciably revised and expanded 2nd edition, this trusted, flexible cookbook is higher than ever. Right here are:

  • 25 brand-new recipes and nearly 100 additional pages
  • 50 all-new full-page color photographs
  • The quality ingredients, from-scratch preparation methods, and unbeatable flavors that made the original edition so appealing
  • Dozens of recipes, from bagels to birthday cake, perfectly suited to the Bronskis’ signature all-purpose flour blend—including Belgian Waffles, Sandwich Bread, pizzas and pastas galore, Cannoli, Carrot Cake, Blueberry Pie, cookies, and much more
  • Globally inspired dishes, from Italian to Indian to Mexican and beyond—such as Tortellini, General Chang’s Chicken, and Pork Tamales
  • An expanded array of vegetarian options such as Quinoa Salad, Brussels Sprouts-Tofu Fried Rice, and Red Lentil Dal
  • A thorough introduction to gluten-free shopping and cooking—plus handy tips about ingredients, equipment, and techniques sprinkled throughout.
hello, if you need a gluten free cookbook, this is a great one. the recipes are easy to read and follow. the problem is the ability to find the gluten free products for wheat/white flour replacements in your local grocery stores. there are a lot of gluten free flour products for cooking around. but, the stores do not have a separate gluten free section that has every gluten free item on those shelves. it is always a giant "easter egg" hunt for the gluten free products. couldn't the store stock all of the gluten free items in one section? then valuable time would not be spent looking in every section of the store for what gluten free products you need. one store had two cold areas for gluten free products. it also had a gluten free section near the health food section, so products were labeled organic, but were crammed into the slots next to the small printed gluten free labels. then the same store had a gluten free section that only stocked one brand of products. so, either the stock person was lazy or the store manager does not feel gluten free is necessary item in his store. But, once you find the flour products, this cookbook will give you the wide array of finished cooking products that you will enjoy presenting to your family and friends.-Jnaki
Well, I threw out all my other gf recipe books and am only EVER going to use this one and the family cookbook. These recipes are great! Don't have to go out and buy crazy ingredients I never heard of. Plain and simple down home recipes. I have been cooking for 60 years and suddenly going gf has been a challenge. Just buy their cookbooks. You will not regret. Also, I love the idea of Sorghum flour being used. None of my other books had mentioned this flour. I agree -- too much starch is not good. Thanks to the Bronski authors.-Jeannenne
I originally checked this book out from the library, and liked it well enough to purchase it for myself. Really good flour mix and recipes - I also have How Can it be Gluten Free? by America's Test Kitchen, and I really think that the flour mix in this book beats the one in that one. I have used the mix in favorite recipes as a substitution for wheat flour with good results. I also like the fact that interesting and delicious recipes are provided that don't typically require flour in their usual form. It's a healthier way to go gluten free, than just eating the same amount of carbs from rice and corn instead of wheat. Meat and vegetables are much more nutritious than refined carbs, whether from wheat or rice. Great cookbook!.-Rlysia Leake

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