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Download ebook THE GARDENER & THE GRILL : The Bounty of the Garden Meets the Sizzle of the Grill


From garden to grill to fork, nothing tastes higher than freshly harvested veggies grilled to perfection along savory meats and plump grilled culmination. The Gardener & the Grill is the grilling manual for gardeners, seasonal eaters, and “flexitarians” anywhere, and each person enamored of the powers of the grill—not simply at some point of the summer season months, however all yr long.

preserve the grill warm long after summer season’s completed with Planked Butternut Squash with Sage and Brie; Grilled Gazpacho; a Blackened Fish Po’Boy with Grilled green Onion Mayonnaise; Pizza Primavera; wood-Grilled Shrimp and Yellow Peppers; Tandoori Turkey Burgers; and Grill-Baked Apples with Cinnamon Nut Stuffing. With seasonal recipes, suggestions on grilling for keeping, a burgeoning “griller’s pantry” of rubs and versatile sauces, and greater than 100 vegetarian recipes, The Gardener & the Grill is the need to-have resource for eager and skilled grillers and gardeners alike.

Individuals have end up so acquainted with firing up their backyard grills for all types of meats, from huge joints to everyday burgers, that they forget about that vegetables flourishing in the close by lawn profit equally from the punch of flavor that barbecuing bestows. Grilling potato slices earlier than tossing them with strongly herbed French French dressing adds a level of taste frequently lacking in mayonnaise-dressed potato salads. Grilling inexperienced tomato slices earlier than sandwiching them with cream cheese promises a fairly much less heavy opportunity to frying. 

For all their imaginative approaches of grilling veggies, Adler and Fertig by no means ignore fish and meat. Fish tacos brim with leafy veggies and blackened fish portions, and there’s even a comforting burger. The authors advocate grilled breads, and they present examples from Afghan, Indian, and Italian traditions.

About the Author

Judith Fertig and Karen Adler are the BBQ Queens. Experts on grilling and barbecuing, they’ve written reams on their favorite recipes and best grilling methods. The fabulous pair have appeared on the Food Network and Better Homes & Gardens TV, and they both share their skills in grilling classes that have reached over 75,000 students. Today with tongs in hand, they’re grilling and barbecuing away in Kansas City.
We love it! Great ideas for any time of year, but especially summertime. Delicious combinations of grilled fruits and vegetables with and without meat. We discovered it at daughter's home where children are being encouraged to eat vegetables. I can't report that the kids have grown more fond of vegetables, but their grandparents have!-Grandma Hook
This cookbook has been revelatory for me. I have loads of grilling cookbooks that feature meats. This cookbook makes vegetables the star of the show in a way that complements what I already knew about grilling. These recipes give vegetables such bold flavor that I almost forget my taste for grilled meat. Almost. If you have a garden and are constantly looking for new ways to cook the same produfce, this book is a must-have.-Chandler

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