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Download ebook COOKING WITH FLAVOR BOMBS : Prep It, Freeze It, Drop It, Transform Dinner!


Gardeners realize taste Bombs. cooks realize flavor Bombs. And now you, too, can examine the secret to delicious, no-waste dinners!

In case you're tired of cutting fresh greens and herbs night after night time or throwing away greater produce, then it’s time to revolutionize your cooking with taste Bombs™!

Taste Bombs are brilliant blends of savory, sautéed aromatics, sparkling herbs, veggies, and spices, or stocks and sauces which you make in advance and freeze in ice dice trays. So pass ahead and take advantage of these sparkling vegetable and herb specials at your nearby market! With the taste Bomb mystery, you inventory up, chop up, and drop the “F” Bomb in every dinner, for an immediately taste explosion. find out how to make:

- Herb Pesto Bombs—rosemary, basil, sage, Tex-Mex, and chimichurri

- Vegetable-combination Bombs—umami, suppengrün, mirepoix, Spanish sofrito, Italian soffritto, Holy Trinity, and Indian curry

- inventory and Sauce Bombs—béchamel sauce and red meat, chook and vegetable shares

Cooking with flavor Bombs is complete with vital Bomb step-through-step commands plus delicious recipes to use your flavor Bombs in, which includes Spaghetti Frittata, Roasted beef Loin, Pot Pie with Guinness Stout and Cheddar, bird Tikka Masala, and greater. So stop losing time, cash, and meals, and start cooking with taste Bombs today!

About the Author

Chef Giovannina "Gio" Bellino is a long-time "foodie" entrepreneur and the owner of Goddess Gourmet, a catering company on Long Island, New York. Gio was a contestant on the popular cooking show Chopped, on the Food Network in 2013. She launched her Flavor Bombs™ product line in 2015. She lives on Long Island with her children.

Finally a chef who shares tips and explains in detail how to make and prepare gourmet food easily. If you are a herbalist/gardener and wondered what to do with the stock pile of herbs or extra vegetables, this is the book for you. I grow the usual herbs and would harvest them and freeze them, I never thought to make flavor bombs with the herbs that I could use to make dishes that we love. Since getting the book, I have made so many flavor bombs and the tips and ideas have given me the inspiration to make other flavor bombs that will end up making meal preparing easy. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to cook and wants to learn something new.-Amy 
Great ideas for fast, flavorful meals and a great process for streamlining the work of everyday cooking! With the price of admission!-Roy Schneider
Cooking with Flavor Bombs is a fantastic book with flavourful recipes to utilize fresh herbs and spices. I have made stock and other sauces to freeze in ice cube trays but love the idea of using fresh herbs, veggies, spices, and butter to make bombs of flavor to enhance the tast of my favourite dishes. The book has colourful pictures and numerous recipes and tips for each flavor bomb. A great book to reduce waste and add intense flavours to everyday meals. Complementary copy provided by NetGalley for an honest review.-Melissa Kellingback

DOWNLOAD COOKING EBOOK COOKING WITH FLAVOR BOMBS : Prep It, Freeze It, Drop It, Transform Dinner! | 25 Mb | Pages 155 | PDF | English

Download ebook cooking with flavor  bombs
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