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This clean new release is a stunning, hip guide to the arena of coffee brought to you by means of new york city’s popular gourmet coffee chain, Joe. Written from the point of view of owners (and siblings) Jonathan and Gabrielle Rubinstein, the reader is welcomed into the tight-knit worldwide distinctiveness espresso community of committed growers, customers, roasters, marketers, baristas, and drinkers. Their undertaking: to supply, buy, roast, serve, and drink the arena’s best coffees.

This beautiful, hip manual to the arena of coffee is delivered to you through the big apple city’s popular gourmet espresso chain joe. be part of owners (and siblings) Jonathan and Gabrielle Rubinstein as they welcome you into the tight-knit international distinctiveness espresso network of committed growers, shoppers, roasters, entrepreneurs, baristas, and drinkers. Their venture: to source, buy, roast, serve, and drink the world’s finest coffees. 

With the aid of explaining how exemplary coffee is produced—and revealing the actual brewing techniques used to create splendid espresso at domestic—this fully illustrated ebook presents all you need to explore and enjoy the enormous world of espresso.

 “I virtually don’t need to get too political or preachy about it, but i am hoping that with the following cup of coffee you devour, you put simply a piece more idea into where it came from and consider all of the individuals who had a hand in getting it into your cup.” 
—Amanda Byron, vice chairman and director of espresso at Joe.

About the Author

Jonathan and Gabrielle Rubinstein own thesmall chain of Joe coffee bars that have been named one of the ten best coffee bars in the United States by Food and Wine Magazine and one of the ten outstanding coffee bars in New York City by The New York Times. The Rubinsteins’ radio, television, and media appearances include The Martha Stewart Show, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and Emeril's Table.

Judith Choate is a multiple-James Beard award cookbook author who has written or co-authored many prize winning books for some of America’s greatest chefs. She lives in New York and celebrates the history and creativity of the American food scene.

Steve Pool is an in-demand food photographer who has worked with some of America’s leading culinary icons. 
Finished Joe the coffee book after, unsurprisingly , a caffeine fueled marathon read. What a delicious book! Wonderful photos and lucid, warm prose walked me thru so many interwoven worlds: joe from its beginning to today, in it's relentless pursuit of coffee and community, the world of coffee from bean to cup with all the stops along the way, how a cup is made, in store and at home, and loads of novel fun images and vignettes throughout. I learned so many nuances bout something that's long been part of my daily experience. It's an ode to new york too. Passionate, hard working, dedicated funny entrepreneurs running with and sharing a bright idea. Our city is filled with them but it's always a treat to pull back the curtain and peer inside.-Reduction
informative, interesting, and entertaining. Since I've had the amazing coffee and espresso at Joe, among the 3 best in NYC, I can vouch for Joe. He knows his stuff!-Merrill
I love this book. It's the ultimate guide to coffee-that's my opinion. Learned a great deal about coffee. I love coffee, and learning about one of my favorites drinks has been both fun and informative-to the last drop.-ghost diving


Download ebook joe the coffee book

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