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Who says baking must be tough work? In No-Bake Baking, Sharon Hearne-Smith indicates the way to create over one hundred mind-blowing candy treats with definitely no need for conventional baking. those easy recipes can be magicked up to your refrigerator, freezer, microwave or blender - or maybe your sluggish cooker, bread gadget or sandwich toaster! Sharon cleverly transforms simple components like rice krispies, pancakes, cookie crumbs, popcorn and marshmallows into stunning desserts, biscuits and desserts, saving you hours inside the kitchen and making sure fabulous effects on every occasion.

you will discover an array of jaw-dropping temptations, from iced lemon meringue cake, striped blueberry cheesecake and deep-pan double-chocolate mousse pie, to traybakes with a twist, which includes rocky street white knuckle experience, trillionaire's toffee tiffin and orange & hazelnut 'brownie' bars. enjoy sweet mouthfuls like mini pecan pies with pretzel bases, chocolate peanut butter cups, and incredible-cute doughnut pops, plus imaginative layered fridge desserts, frozen bombes, a lower back-to-front trifle cake and plenty, plenty more.

Wave goodbye to burnt edges and soggy bottoms: these ingenious recipes are speedy, fuss-free and every bit as worthwhile as something from the oven.

About the Author

Sharon Hearne-Smith has over 15 years' experience of ghostwriting, recipe testing and food styling for cookbooks, food magazines and TV cookery shows.
She has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Jamie Oliver, Rachel Allen, Lorraine Pascale, Gordon Ramsay, James Martin, and on BBC'sReady Steady Cook. Sharon lives in Dublin with her husband and young daughter. This is her first solo cookbook.
This book is amazing! It lives up to expectations of delicious food with minimum fuss......and with professional results.... As soon as I got the book home I couldn't resist trying one of the recipes straight away. I would recommend this book to all my friends those who love cooking and those who. Well done Ms Hearne-Smith I for one can't wait for the sequel. Trillionaire's Toffee Tiffin.my favourite so far.-Steve
The title is a bit misleading because although there's no baking required in many of the dishes, there are often quite a few stages to go through in order to achieve the desired effect, so be aware of this before you buy the book. Also - a slow cooker is used in some recipes - isn't this classed as being 'baking'? You decide.-Sue
London in the summer is not the hottest place on Earth – the many Australians I run into around here mock us for finding it a bit muggy! But on a beautifully sunny day, the last thing you want to do is fill up your kitchen with a hot oven. Luckily, renowned Irish food stylist Sharon Hearne-Smith has, just in time for summer, published a collection of sweets which have one thing in common – no use of your oven. What No-Bake Baking means in practice is that plenty of other kitchen appliances are used in innovative ways: there are recipes using your breadmaker, your microwave, and lots of stove work. Hearne-Smith’s background as a stylist also shows through pretty clearly – lots of her simple creations are used in beautifully, stylish ways – so instead of rice krispy treats, it becomes a rice krispy roll and peppermint creams are shaped into mock-buttons. She has an eye for colour and texture and while I’m skeptical that I can replicate it at home at such a strong aesthetic level, but having tried some of the recipes, I have no doubt of the level of taste. This is a great book for hot summers and a wonderful book for people with small apartments or students – who need to make use of all their appliances!-Baking Beardy


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