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Download ebook SIMPLY ONIGIRI : Fun and Creative Recipes for Japanese Rice Balls


One among Japan’s preferred comfort foods, the onigiri or rice ball is brief and smooth to prepare, nutritious, low in fats and most importantly, tasty! popular amongst both adults and children alike, onigiri may be stuffed, combined or wrapped with almost any ingredient, moulded huge or small, and formed into balls, triangles, rectangles, squares or another form you fancy! With this series of 50 recipes, find out the countless style of onigiri that you may create with only a few easy components today!

Consists of a step-via-step guide to cooking ideal rice for onigiri

Functions new and creative thoughts for onigiri in addition to conventional onigiri nicely-cherished in Japan for hundreds of years

Recipes are easy-to-comply with and require just a few easy steps to make, perfect for novices as well as busy home chefs

About the Author

Sanae Inada was born in Kobe where she learnt to appreciate the use of seasonal fresh ingredients to prepare simple but tasty dishes.
An avid home cook and baker, Sanae trained in macrobiotics and believes that we can achieve physical and emotional wellness through a well-balanced diet that is high in fibre and low in fat. Her training is evident in this collection of recipes for onigiri, where she has introduced a wide variety of recipes for enjoyment and nutrition.
This is a fantastic book and look into the many different ways to make onigiri. I loved all the detail that the author put in - from the recipes to the depictions of the various onigiri to the glossary index at the end showing the different types of ingredients not as familiar to western culture. I have been waiting for a long time for a book like this - one that goes into the more detail regarding making great onigiri and I certainly recommend this one! Additionally, the author puts in a lot of great tidbits regarding the history of the onigiri and other details I would of never known about.-J. Lee
I  have been craving onigiri and haven't been able to find the type I wanted where I live now, so I was really happy to see this book. There is a short intro as to what onigiri is and easy instructions on how to make a basic onigiri and shape it by hand (with pictures). It just gets better from there with all the variations of onigiri that you can make (i.e. salmon wasabi onigiri, brown rice and red beans onigiri, omurice onigiri, bibimbap onigiri, etc). There is a short glossary of asian ingredients with pictures. It's a great book with easily understood instructions and nice pictures of the finished product for each recipe. The only caveat is unless your grocery has a well-stocked asian section, you will need access to an asian market for some of the ingredients.-CT
The recipes are varied and will appeal to anyone. You not only learn about making onigiri, you also learn about the history and the culture. Delightful.-L Schad

DOWNLOAD COOKING EBOOK SIMPLY ONIGIRI : Fun and Creative Recipes for Japanese Rice Balls | 17 Mb | Pages 153 |  PDF | English

Download ebook simply onigiri

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