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Download ebook FRANKIE At Home In The Kitchen : Frankie's Pizza and Pasta/Easy Italian Recipes to Make at Home

FRANKIE At Home In The Kitchen

superbly photographed and complemented with wine-pairing pointers, this cooking compendium offers more than one hundred twenty recipes for Italian dishes stimulated through the famous Washington kingdom restaurant, Frankie’s Pizza and Pasta. severa delectable thoughts for pizza, pasta, and antipasti are provided in addition to tasty recommendations on soups, salads, sandwiches, liquids, and desserts. Memorable images of the famed restaurant itself are also featured at the side of a photographic jaunt via the writer's vegetable lawn and travels to Italy. making sure each recipe is properly examined and easy to follow, this series is a outstanding guide for individuals who need to entice friends and circle of relatives to the table with handcrafted Italian entrĂ©es.

This cookbook is my new favorite! Thank you Frankie for all the tips, they are so helpful and just what you need to answer those questions that you typically have to go through trial and error several times to get right on refining a good recipe.
Highly recommend this book.-Beth B.
I was lucky enough to buy a dead-tree version of this book from the actual restaurant and ever since I brought it home (and definitely since the restaurant closed and I can't get the original) the various pages have been collecting all sorts of food stains as I work my way through the various sections. The marinara from thin book is the only marinara I use in my house. I have one of those Aero-grow herb gardens that I got as a gift and I use basil from it to give the marinara a wonderful flavor, and luckily the San Marzano tomatoes he recommends are available around here. The lasagna is great (if involved), and the pizza dough also very good. But by far my favorite is the meatballs. When I make them I make a quadruple batch, eat a bunch with fresh pasta, freeze the leftovers until firm, and then pack them with my vacuum-pack thing into packs of 8-10 meatballs for storage in the freezer. Super tasty on top of pasta, or pop them out of the freezer with a frozen tub of marinara (which also freezes well), a hoagie roll, and some cheese - instant meatball marinara sandwich. My waistline hates this book, but my tastebuds keep going back over and over.-Gill B.
I remember the first time I walked into Frankie's Pizza in Redmond. The gentleman on the cover of this delightful book left the kitchen (which was one of those classy, busy kitchens in full view of the customers) and heartily introduced himself to me. My entire dining experience was as if I had entered my own family restaurant and had a meal with them. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was a lively Friday evening that left an indelible impression on me and made me a life-long customer. This book, which is more like a generous slice of Frankie's own personal passion, is a refreshing blend of faith, heaps of generous recipes, a dash of joviality, and a pinch of advice - all wrapped up in Frankie's zest for life and love of Italian cuisine. Oh my, page 118: Rigatoni Pasta with Shrimp and Prosciutto with Red Bell Pepper Cream Sauce paired with a fruity Soave wine. Bye bye computer, hello kitchen!-Rocky

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Download ebook frankie at home in the kitchen

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