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50 Flavors to Make at Home

Forget about ice cream. impress your dinner visitors with precise flavors and indulge in gorgeous recipes that you could make at home with The art of making Gelato. find out the strategies and tools which you need to make this delicious treat at home.

Gelato is churned more slowly and frozen at a barely hotter temperature than ice cream. The sluggish churning carries much less air, so the gelato is denser. The better freezing temperature method that the gelato stays silkier and softer. Dairy-loose and egg-loose, sorbets are made from complete fruit and a easy syrup. they are extraordinarily flavorful and churned like ice cream to offer them a smooth texture.

be part of Chef and Gelato aficionado Morgan Morano as she shares 50 recipes for gelato and sorbetto. revel in traditional chocolate, sweet milk and strawberry, to Torta della Mimosa, Bombolone, Biscoff, and Acero - even Avocado gelato!

About the Author

Morgan Morano is a professional chef and gelato expert. In 2010, Morgan established Morano Gelato after living in Italy, on-and-off, for 6 years. Morgan grew up in New England's Upper Valley and always planned to open a dessert-related business. During college and after culinary school, Morgan gained experience working and cooking in New York City and Italy.
The most significant work that she did was for a Sicilian Gelato Chef who quickly became a close friend and mentor. Morgan appreciated the bold flavors of gelato found in Italy and noticed the lack of authentic gelato shops with Italian flavors in America. Disappointed with products claiming to be 'gelato,' she set out to establish the tradition of gelato-making in America and recreate pure Italian gelato.

For the past few months I have experimented with my new gelato maker. Looking for recipes I scoured the Internet and had some fairly good results with recipes in a variety of styles (Lebovitz, Kurtzman), but they tasted like ice cream, even when labeled 'gelato' most of the recipes were still heavy on cream and yolks. This could be ice cream (or gelato from the north of Italy?) I'm no expert, but I couldn't find the 'lighter & healthier" Italian gelato that I've always read and dreamed about ... UNTIL NOW! Morgan Morano is the real deal, with recipes that taste super-fresh and light, not overly rich or heavy. Normally I stick with basic fior di latte or chocolate, but in the past two weeks I have made different 3 gelato and 2 sorbetto batches and they have ranged from excellent to unbelievably fantastic, my favorites being the 'espresso' gelato and the strawberry sorbetto. There are only simple, fresh ingredients in each recipe, and they are blended for AWESOME TASTE, NOT CHUNKS OR TRENDY FLAVORS!-K. RODRIGUEZ
I  have never had any of the Morano Gelato before, but after trying these recipes I am ready to open a shop. My Kids love ice cream and especially gelato and this book really delivers. My favorite is the Stracciatella (Chocolate Chip)...Oh my. If that doesn't put a smile on you face. My youngest (13 y.o.) loves the Fragola (Strawberry) and Frutti di Bosco (Forest Berries). We have tried several others and will slowly make our way thru all of the recipes. Their is something in here for everyone, but everything is super easy to make and the results are fantastic.-Jasom W.
I have chosen this book because I wanted to learn everything about how ice cream is made, the base, the equipment, all the "how to's?" And I found this book. Easy to read, with an amazing story behind all the learning. Recommend it to everyone who wants to start making ice cream and wants to learn everything about how to make that perfect scoop of ice cream that everyone loves.-Isabel Diaz

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The art of making gelato

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