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Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine

At Vij's, one in every of North the us’s most modern Indian eating places, proprietor Vikram Vij and his spouse Meeru use the hottest nearby components and unique thoughts to create thrilling new takes on the cuisines of India. though far from traditional, the dishes continue to be genuine to at least one superb hallmark of Indian cooking: gorgeous spicing. most of the luscious offerings included right here are yogurt and tamarind marinated grilled fowl, seared venison medallions with fig and roasted pomegranate khoa, and marinated lamb popsicles in fenugreek curry. Vegetarian choices abound, with dishes like portobello mushrooms in porcini cream curry, coconut curried vegetables, and jackfruit with cayenne and black cardamom. Recipes for naan, chapattis, raiti, and other aspects, staples, veggies, and cakes allow readers to prepare an Indian dinner party from beginning to quit. As lovely and sumptuous because the recipes it consists of, Vij's is a delicious manifesto for a new fashion of Indian cooking.

About the Author

Vikram Vij was born in India and grew up in Amritsar and Mumbai.
He studied hotel management in Salzburg, Austria, before moving to Canada to work at the Banff Springs Hotel. He opened the original 14-seat Vij's Restaurant in Vancouver in 1994.

Unlike many other reviewers, I have not had the pleasure of dining in the restaurant in Vancouver from which the recipes in this book come. I do enjoy Indian food very much, and I would like to learn to cook some dishes at home as well as understand some of the methods used in Indian cooking. This books satisfies those desires very well, and I would highly recommend it if you want to go beyond the basics but still want a relatively simple approach to authentic Indian cooking. The explanations in this book are outstanding about why certain foods go together, which ingredients are better for certain types of dishes, and even which wines go best with each dish. Recipes that I have tried so far have all been excellent. I agree with reviewers who have said that there is more salt and more water in some recipes, and I tend to reduce both of these ingredients as I cook. One can add more later, if they are needed. Otherwise, even though some recipes read as if they might be highly spiced, they are not, in my opinion. I follow them exactly the first time I make them (lessening the water and salt), and they are excellent. For example, I've tried the chicken breast in coconut-chickpea flour curry, in which the chicken turned out moist and had a lovely tartness because of tamarind paste in the curry. The cilantro-mint chicken curry is also very special and is one of the easiest recipes too. I will make it often. The vegetable recipes are interesting too; for me, the cauliflower-rice pilaf was great, with its inclusion of cloves, cumin, turmeric, and cilantro. Proportions for the ingredients in these recipes are often very important. Most of them serve 6 people, but I often make half the first time, and that has caused me no problem. The photos and commentary are both outstanding, and there are so many recipes that I intend to try. I recommend this book highly for anyone who enjoys Indian cuisine.-Violette
This is a brilliant book. I have been cooking Indian food for over 30 years, and this book has totally changed the way I think about Indian cooking. Where many Indian cookbooks have a long list of ingredients, this one tends to have fewer ingredients, but they are absolutely the *right* ingredients, and not in stinting quantities. The result is flavors that are crisp and bright. Because of the clear instructions and illustrations, I am now making my own paneer (cheese) at home. It's far superior to anything available in the stores and is much cheaper (less than $2 a pound if you get milk on sale). I originally hesitated to buy this book because I'm vegetarian and many of the recipes are for meat and seafood, but I'm very glad I got it. The non vegetarian recipes can often easily be adapted for meatless use. And there are quite a few meatless recipes. There are some editorial anomalies. For example in the recipe titled "Sautéed Arugula and Spinach with Paneer and Roasted Cashews," the arugula and spinach is in fact never sautéed. It is added to the liquid curry at the very end and cooked until wilted and heated through. Go figure. (Great recipe by the way, but reduce water to one cup from three.) I also found that the authors tend to use more liquid than I would. If you are an experienced cook and you feel that a recipe calls for too much liquid, trust your instinct and go with less to start with. You can always add additional if you need it. The only time this was a problem for me was when I made a lentil rice pilaf, using the quantity called for - it was one of the first recipes I made. There was so much liquid I had to cook it down much longer than I would have liked and the result was mushy. The flavor, however, was superb. I'll make it again often, but with much less liquid. (In this recipe, the problem could simply be a difference in the rice and lentils these cooks use compared to what I'm using, although at least two other reviewers have mentioned the same problem.) I have often also significantly reduced the amount of salt called for.-Lisa
What great recipes! The lamb popsicles are a must! This cookbook isn't for the chef who wants to be in a and out of the kitchen in an hour however. The outcome is well worth the effort.-Coravd

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