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BENARES : Michelin Starred Cooking

At Benares the superior service and putting are the peak of luxurious, but it's miles the chic food that truely units the restaurant apart. Atul Kochhar's unique, international-elegance delicacies is showcased in this lovely e book of recipes from his Michelin-starred kitchen. eighty signature dishes replicate the great food ethos that Atul has created the usage of the excellent of British produce with his cutting-edge Indian style. every aromatic preference is explored on a adventure to the coronary heart of Benares, revealing unique fusions and astonishing flavors. across starters, mains, cakes, facets, and accompaniments, every heavenly taste is a tribute to this grasp's paintings. This is not the identical Atul as visible on tv--it's the Atul who has conquered the Michelin international along with his expert gastronomy.

The Benares Cookbook is the epicurean artifact the nice-eating room deserves. that is a benchmark paintings: a cookbook to treasure and use to conjure the masterly Michelin spirit in your own home. With great images by way of Mike Cooper.

About the Author

Atul Kochhar is one of the finest Indian chefs in the country, renowned for the vibrancy of his food and the subtlety of his spice mixes.
He was one of the first two Indian chefs to be awarded a Michelin star and he has become the recognizable face of Indian cuisine on television.
The pinnacle of Indian food and cooking. This breaks every preconceived notion of what Indian food is in many people's mind. Atul Kocchar has the unique talent to elevate what many believe to be standard Indian fare to world-class, Michelin star food.-Thomas R.
Absolutely gorgeous book with complicated, complex recipes that will challenge most cooks. The recipe for an Heirloom Tomato Salad has 15 ingredients itself! That being said - if you want to rock restaurant quality Indian food this is the book for you. Most recipes have many components some of which need to be prepared in advanced but the results look certainly worthwhile. Be warned this is not for the faint of heart. It is a totally beautiful book with delicious recipes and stunning photographs but these dishes are not for a Tuesday night after soccer -- most of these recipes are projects - challenging, worthwhile projects but projects nonetheless.-Andrew's 
Beyond the extraordinaire, Beautiful details and pictures, But only for professionals. Sorry not for home cooks eh~eh you certainly cant do this at home unless you have fully equipped kitchen with pantry full of regular, special and very special rear ingredients and smiley pocket with countless monthly kitchen budget, what you think Michelin Starred Cooking is joke and can be replicate easy.... think again.....You definitely need a superior cooking and plating skills to replicate most dishes. Seafood, game, meat, and vegetable sections are just amazing but very very weak on desserts may be one or two are do able other wise ~eh~ quite useless, surprisingly they didn't add traditional sweets or desserts like Kheer, Firni, Gaajar halwa etc. Nothing much covered on serving styles or variations of Naan, Roti, or traditional Biriyanis.. Alcohol lovers can find verity of drink recipes but nothing plain traditional drinks being touched or acknowledged. I am convinced for 4 stars (I deducted 1-star for disappointing sweet & dessert and not adding traditional drink serving styles and ideas)-Thomas W.

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