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Cookin' It with Kix: The Art of Celebrating and the Fun of Outdoor Cooking

Cookin' It with Kix

It’s time to rejoice lifestyles and the joy of properly meals! We’re talking tailgating, bbq-ing, and events on the patio for two or 20! Cookin’ it with kix through country track icon and radio/television host kix brooks showcases and highlights the all-american interest of birthday celebration and cooking outdoors for own family and pals. With his southern humorousness and desirable-natured personality, kix breaks down the art of a perfect steak or chop, the proper southern aspect dishes, and excellent cakes and drinks that will make your mouth water and your belly smile. 

With clean-to-understand recipes, kix pointers, and lots of ideas, his louisiana heritage shines through as he shares a number of his precious circle of relatives recipes and the stories behind them. This book will give you what you need so that you can throw down a delicious meal off the grill for you and your family or be the king at your next birthday party.

About the Author

Kix Brooks teamed with Ronnie Dunn in 1990 to form Brooks & Dunn, the highest selling duo in the history of country music. They sold more than 30 million records, won more than 75 major industry awards, had 23 #1 hits, and set record with their 41st top 10 single. After Brooks & Dunn stopped performing, Brooks took over the hosting reins of the long-running syndicated radio program, American Country Countdown in 2006. 
He is a founding partner of wildly popular winery, Arrington Vineyards, in Arrington, TN. He recently starred in a one-time special Steak Out with Kix Brooks that was picked up for a full series which premiered July 2015.

Have enjoyed looking at all the exciting recipes! Can't wait to get started...and the red beans and rice recipe is first on the list!-Grandma Suzy
I honestly never thought that this cookbook could be good. It is not good, IT IS OUTSTANDING! I am actually an aficionado of America's Test Kitchen cookbooks because they tell me exactly what to do in much detail. This cookbook doesn't provide tons of detail, but it provides enough detail, and so far, every recipe that I have tried has turned out beautifully. I have lived in Nashville for 50 years, and even though I should be able to, I have never conquered lemon bars or had them turn out well. I just made them tonight, and they are fantastic. Now I don't have to purchase them from a local tea room anymore at exorbitant prices. You would also think that I should be able to make Iced Tea well. I can make it if I boil the water, brew the tea, and then cool it in the refrigerator for 8 hours. This cookbook has a simple tea recipe that is ready in 10 minutes. I have made it at least 5 times in the last week, and it has transformed my tea making. It is a recipe that I will pas on! I know it sounds ridiculous, but it has restaurant quality results. The only recipe that I don't think that I will attempt is Squirrel Stew! Anyway, it makes me mad that Kix Brooks is a talented musician, a winemaker, a seemingly very nice and humble person, and now a great cookbook author. I don't think that it has an index which is something that it could use. This is a genuine review, and I never dreamed that I would write a review of this cookbook or a cookbook of a country music singer!-Janes
Having lived in Louisiana, I can appreciate this cook and his many stories of places and family ties. I have also had the opportunity to visit the winery in Virginia, what a perfectly beautiful setting, nice fruit wine. My two sons were at Louisiana Tech at the same time that he was.-Elson M.

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