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Cooking Classics is a series of step-by-step cookbooks that showcases the excellent of the cuisines of Asia. every title capabilities forty two recipes written in an easy-to-comply with layout, with clear photographs to manual readers, mainly individuals who are new to the cuisine. 

Cooking Classics: Dim Sum will encourage both budding chefs and domestic cooks to attempt their hand at making those tasty bite-length treats. With clear and concise step-by using-step commands, dim sum specialist Ng Lip Kah shows how classic dim sum favourites which include har gow, siew mai, egg cakes, steamed buns and meat dumplings, in addition to revolutionary new creations, can be prepared in the home kitchen.

About the Author

Ng Lip Kah has more than 30 years of experience working at established restaurants, which include TungLok Restaurant, Red Star Restaurant (Chin Swee) and Habour City Restaurant (PSA Building), all of which are known for their dim sum specialities. In 2008,
Chef Ng was conferred Individual Second Runner-up and the Group Champion Award by the World Association of Chinese Cuisine (WACC), an international non-government and non-profit organisation that promotes Chinese cuisine worldwide. The WACC is endorsed by members from various Asian, European, and American regions. 

Chef Ng is very passionate and sincere about his craft. He currently conducts culinary classes, where he shares his sought-after skills in making dim sum and other Chinese dishes.

Detailed insrtuctions with lots of pictures. Shows steps of creating each dim sum, how to cook them. Well worth the price, have made several and not been dissappointed yet.-Ssmith

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Cooking classics dim sum step by step cookbook

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