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In 2007, Keith Cohen bought the big apple's Orwasher's Bakery, indexed many of the top ten bakeries in america. He released a new line of Artisan Wine Breads in 2009 below the logo call Oven Artisans. Cohen created his new breads with a wine grape starter in collaboration with Channing Daughters vineyard in ny. The approach used dates all of the way back to historic Egypt, where bakers who were baking bread within the equal facility as wine was being fermented observed that the herbal yeast within the air from the fermenting grapes could leaven the bread and supply it unique taste. In 2010, Cohen premiered his beer bread--a chewy, darkish-hued introduction with a nutty, robust flavor that comes from the Otis Stout from Sixpoint Craft Ales it is combined into the dough. Orwashers Artisan Bread functions the techniques used as well as the recipes for Orwasher's most famous breads tailored particularly to facilitate domestic baking.

About the Author

Since purchasing Orwasher's, the nearly 100 year old Upper East Side New York bakery in 2007, Keith Cohen, formerly of The Tribeca Oven Inc., has maintained his dedication to baking the old world traditional breads like kosher rye and challahs that made the iconic bakery famous while introducing his own line of delicious artisan breads including wine and beer breads.
Sourcing many of his ingredients locally and collaborating with other local artisans whenever possible, Cohen, a passionate bread lover, believes in making all of his breads by hand, the old-fashioned way and at the same time he is constantly inspired to keep tinkering with his recipes to bring new flavors to his customers.

Keith Cohen is the owner of Orwashers Bakery. He is a professional/master baker.The table of contents gives the reader a history of bread making, information about the starters, levains, begas, recipes for wine and beer breads, troubleshooting and more. Read
 the introduction as it will give you knowledge into Keith's insight into baking, his philosophy and purpose.You will wish you could visit his bakery immediately. The reader is given so many tips and reading about the tools you will need in detail will assist you in making the best bread in your home. The book is full of photographs which will assist you as you proceed through the steps in preparing your bread . One of my favorites is the Challah bread photographs which show how to braid the bread.-Dad of Divas
As a bread baker for 20 years, I've seen opportunists of all stripes getting their recipes published to make a buck. This book is the real deal- Keith's a baker's baker. toese are tools you can use at home- enthusiasts and neophytes have a tremendous amount to gain from the lessons in this book.-Karen Frer
Find a bunch of grapes, organic, no pesticides because the wild yeast clings to the skin so I can't wash the grapes, start the mother that is required in almost every recipe, no alternatives given. And this is one of the main problems when professional bakers and cooks try to translate their recipes into usable recipes for home cooks. "But this doesn't taste like it did in the restaurant!" is the battle cry of the home cook. "But the home cook doesn't have a pig to find them truffles, 200 dollar an oz caviar, or access to a bunch of wild, non pesticide straight from the vine grapes," answers the professional, and there you have it. The almost impossible task of turning a professional kitchen with professional ingredients into something usable for a regular home. Why do I start with this sort of negative when I really like this book and gave it four stars, because the recipes in the book start with the mother, and you may chuck it aside thinking you can't use it, or make any breads from it, and that would be a darn shame. Without the mother starter you can make absolutely fabulous burger buns, potato burger buns, white bread, Irish soda bread, challah, raisin bread, so there are a lot of breads in here that are delicious and perfectly doable. The whole wheat and durum bigga are also made without the mother, and there are recipes that start with those.-Becky

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Download ebook orwashers artisan bread

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