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There is no better manner to domesticate network, foster friendship, or simply nourish own family than over heartwarming bowls of selfmade soup. And here, soup lovers will locate 60 first-rate recipes, presenting such classics as creamy Tomato Soup with Grilled-Cheese Croutons plus international favorites like Thai red Curry-chicken Noodle Soup. every recipe has advised facets to make it a meal and tips for smooth transporting, which makes them just proper to carry to a soup swap where all of us can sample the services after which take domestic a selection of leftovers to experience all week. whether or not taken to the celebration or savored at home, this trusted collection of soups, stews, and chowders is positive to meet all year lengthy.

About the Author

Maine-based chef and writer Kathy Gunst has authored 14 books and is the resident chef on NPR's award-winning public radio show Here and Now.
Finding a cookbook with new and inspiring soup recipes is not an easy task. Seems like most of what I run into lately is "same old, same old". But there is nothing "old hat" with the recipes in Kathy Gunst's "Soup Swap". So, this book accomplishes two things: Just looking for inspiration? You will find it in these recipes. Interested in setting up a soup night or soup swap for a gathering of friends or neighbors?
This book will get you motivated and moving. And I bet, if you start out just looking for new soup recipes for your family's dinner, this book will get you thinking and planning for a broader and more meaningful gathering of soupies. "Soupies" not a word? Let's make it one! hasst writes with a cozy and friendly style that is as comforting and warming as the soups she has created. It is almost like she is talking to a friend. You will find helpful hints and many suggestions scattered throughout the book. There are 62 soup recipes in all, but many options and substitutions substantially grow the recipe possibilities. There are also bread, biscuit and salad recipes to compliment the soups, and there is a chapter of garnishes and toppings. The book advocates the use of home-made broths and stocks, and there are ten stock recipes in the book on which most, (if not all), of the recipes rely. Page layout is easy on the eyes and instructions are easy to follow. Ingredient lists are straightforward and leave no guesswork. Ingredients are accessible--even those listed for Asian soups. There are not pictures for each recipe, but the photos that are included cause my mouth to water. On top of each recipe is a code: DF - dairy-free; GF - gluten-free; V - vegetarian; VG - vegan; C - cold. Included with each recipe are instructions to help prepare and pack for transport.-Laurent
As our family becomes a larger, extended family, we find ourselves entertaining, however modestly, more and more often. Soups are the original one-pot dinners, and most of these only take a few minutes to put into a pot (I often use a crockpot to let the flavors grow over the afternoon before dinner). Many of these recipes are international, with a number of delicious Italian soups and stews — like delicious Italian wedding soup. Some of the ingredient lists are extensive, with bits of this or that herb, yet they yield extravagant flavors that you just can’t get any other way. My favorite is the Greek Avgolemono, where the bit of fresh lemon really makes it just sing, and my family seems to really love the Thai red curry, the mulligatawny soup, and the pasta e fagioli. There are over 70 recipes, including numerous garnishes and toppings to add to the soups. Love it!-Michelle James
I have been a fan of the soup swap concept for years. It's so wonderful to finally have a guide that participants can use, complete with instructions on how to transport soup and serve it later! I loved her stock recipes and we were particularly thrilled with the short rib ramen recipe...very approachable, pretty pictures, soups for all seasons.-Jessica Schipper

DOWNLOAD COOKING EBOOK SOUP SWAP : Comforting Recipes to Make and Share | 13 Mb | Pages 177 | PDF | English | 2016

Download ebook soup swap
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