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When Grace younger became a child, her father instilled in her an enduring appreciation of wok hay, the exceedingly prized however elusive flavor that food achieves whilst properly stir-fried in a wok. As an adult, young aspired to create that flavor in her personal kitchen. 

Grace young's quest to grasp wok cooking led her all through the usa, Hong Kong, and mainland China. together with award-prevailing photographer Alan Richardson, young sought the advice of home cooks, professional cooks, and esteemed culinary teachers like Cecilia Chiang, Florence Lin, and Ken Hom. Their commands, stories, and recipes, amassed in this richly designed and illustrated quantity, offer now not best professional training within the artwork of wok cooking, but additionally seize a beautiful and timeless way of lifestyles. 

With its emphasis on cooking with all the senses, The Breath of a Wok brings the strategies and flavors of vintage-international wok cooking into trendy kitchen, enabling all of us to stir-fry with wok hay. IACP award-winner young info the fundamentals of selecting, seasoning, and being concerned for a wok, as well as the range of the wok's makes use of; this notably less expensive utensil serves as the closing multipurpose kitchen tool. The 125 recipes are a testomony to the flexibility of the wok, with stir-fried, smoked, pan-fried, braised, boiled, poached, steamed, and deep-fried dishes that consist of now not simplest the classics of wok cooking, like Kung Pao fowl and Moo Shoo pork, however additionally uncommon dishes like scorching Pepper and Salt Shrimp, three Teacup chicken, and Scallion and Ginger Lo Mein. younger's stylish prose and Richardson's brilliant snap shots create a completely unique and unforgettable image of artisan wok makers in mainland China, avenue markets in Hong Kong, and a "wok-a-thon" in which young's family of aunties, uncles, and cousins cooks collectively in a lively trade of recipes and stories.
A go to with creator Amy Tan also becomes a own family occasion while Tan and her sisters put together New 12 months's dumplings. additionally, there are menus for circle of relatives-fashion food and for chinese New yr festivities, an illustrated glossary, and a supply manual to purchasing ingredients, woks, and accessories. 

Written with the intimacy of a memoir and the immediacy of a travelogue, this recipe-wealthy volume is a celebration of cultural and culinary delights.

About the Author

Grace Young is an award-winning food writer and the author of Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge,The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen and The Breath of a Wok. Her work has appeared inGourmet, Metropolitan Home, Copia,Gastronomica, Eating Well, More, Fitness, Home,and Health magazine. For seventeen years, Young was the Test Kitchen Director and Director for Food Photography for over forty cookbooks published by Time-Life Books. She is now a consulting editor at Saveur.
One word, Wonderful! That's how I describe this book. You will never ever have watery stir-fries or half-raw veggies again. Your stir-fries will come out just like they are supposed to... with the "Breath of the Wok" still wisping from the perfectly seared meat and veggies. This is the only book so far that has taught me how to cook proper Chinese dishes. The meat is tender and juicy and the veggies are tender-crisp with a light flavorful sauce. Simply wonderful. I'm still amazed at myself for being able to produce these dishes with such an inexpensive wok! Many thanks to the authors for their labor of love.-J. Nammar
I used to wander about China town in NYC trying to get a handle on Chinese food. Really, Chinese is the best combination of cheap and healthy in NYC. As a student at Uni, I needed a cheap alternative. I used to sit at Barnes and Noble for hours compiling recipes and wok seasoning techniques. Thankfully, I remembered this book and eventually bought it.-Michael Hong
I have really enjoyed this book. When you are going to learn about a particular cuisine, it is very important to know the history behind it. This book follows the history of that most familiar of Chinese kitchen equipment, the wok. The recipes are also excellent!-William A.


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