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Download ebook The Edible Mushroom Book : A Guide To Foraging And Cooking

The Edible Mushroom Book

This name explores the world of fit to be eaten mushrooms from the field to kitchen. It focuses on the first-class fit to be eaten fungi, imparting failsafe identification notes for over 50 desire varieties, and gives over 50 scrumptious normal recipes the use of unique mushrooms and blended mushrooms. It is good for the forager and the foodie.

Gives a definitive manual to foraging for fit to be eaten mushrooms and fungi within the wild, includes recommendations on a way to put together wild mushrooms for cooking, and furnishes fifty tantalizing recipes for dishes ranging from scrambled chanterelles to baked mushroom polenta.
This is another in a long line of excellent DK books. The reader and potential buyer must take into consideration several factors before purchasing this work; all important considerations. But first,
I do need to state that I have been hunting, collecting, photographing and indeed eating mushrooms for more years than I care to admit to. I am sort of like The Hobbit in that I have an absolute passion as to consuming these things. I can assure the reader of this review that I do know mushrooms and pretty well know what I am talking about. Now all that being said.... This
 book does tell the reader that it is part field guide and part cook book. This is indeed true. I must warn you though, DO NOT use this book as your only field guide! While it is good, it is certainly not the most comprehensive guide on the market and gathering wild mushrooms is NOT an area where you want to make a mistake! Now this guide, as I said, is good, but if I were a beginner in this area I simply would need more to make absolutely positive identification. A good example of my concern here can be illustrated with the Fairy Ring Champignon (Marasmius oreades) This is the one you see in your front year on mornings after the fey folk have held a dance, which is a very nice eating mushroom, especially in flavorings such as stews and soups. When we contrast this with the Lawn Funnel Cap (Clitocybe rivulosa), which is considered and is indeed quite deadly, we find a very confusing pictorial representation here, in particular when it comes to stages of maturity of each species. To be quite frank, I would not risk my life on the information found in this book concerning that particular mushroom. There is just too much room for error. I own and use five different field guides and have a collection of text books on he subject and even I can find myself unsure on some species. Don't take any chances here!-D. Blankenship
The edible mushroom book could be a great coffee table book. It is meant for the beginner/commoner with lots of easy terms, lovely pictures and could easily be enjoyed in an afternoon or less. It would be a great first step into the world of mushroom- not too overwhelming with latin and "danger" lurking on every page (although it does state the common and latin name at the top of each page). With that in mind, it doesn't focus or share any poisonous mushroom look-a-likes in the information on the edibles or how to tell them apart. Actually, I find almost every mushroom book I've come across to be missing this information. This book also listed a seasonal when to find mushrooms pages (autumn) which I thought was a great idea. The author could have taken this idea and based the whole book off of that idea.-Brandon 754

DOWNLOAD COOKING EBOOK The Edible Mushroom Book : A Guide To Foraging And Cooking | 31 Mb | Pages 193 | PDF | English | 2008

Download ebook the edible mushroom book
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