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The No Time To Cook! Book : 100 Modern, Simple Recipes In 20 Minutes Or Less

The No Time To Cook! Book

No time to cook dinner? No trouble! Make weeknight cooking smooth with more than 100 foolproof recipes that cover quickie breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cakes, or even awesome feasts for visitors — all in half-hour or much less. Created with intuitive pics which are clean to comply with, the no time to prepare dinner! E-book will remodel your weeknight cooking and make getting dinner on the table quick, clean, and pressure-loose. Virtually!

These recipes are provided clearly and easily. The no time to prepare dinner! E-book consists of illustrations, waft charts, and pie charts that make recipes less difficult to apprehend. Unique sections inclusive of "10 amusing activities with a bird" and "the wheel of dressings" outline smooth recipes with the humor that is so important on the quit of a busy day, and a brief reference segment is perfect for the new cook dinner in a time crunch.
Take the stress out of dinner with the no time to cook dinner! E book.
First of all, I really like this cookbook. It has a lot of simple recipes and tips for those who may not be the most creative of cooks. I have yet to make a recipe that I don't like. Secondly, it shipped and arrived in a timely manner. I definitely recommend this cookbook if you're like me and coming up with something to cook on a regular basis is hard for you.-Jackie
Use this all the time. It's got a few issues, such as having recipes that call for a food processor or blender, but not saying it is a required cooking equipment in their own book, and a few "uncommon," ingredients that don't really make sense if you're trying to cook in less time. Still, a variety of healthy and hearty recipes that can be incorporated for all meals of the day.-Banchagi
First reviewer! I just picked up this book at my local book shop yesterday. I had no idea it was just published 5 days ago. So freshhh! Note: If you are looking for a super healthy cookbook, don't be mad when this isn't the book you want. While many recipes involved veggies, fruits, etc. Most of the recipes don't fit into any paleo, gluten-free, or unprocessed type niches. This is just your everyday food, processed, glutenous, and delicious! I am sure you can make healthier substitutes for flour and such, but the book does not focus on that aspect much. Anyway, I don't usually like to buy cookbooks, but this one caught my eye. Once I looked inside, I was supremely impressed by the illustrations of EVERYTHING and the step-by-step instructions. I like to cook, but don't always make time, so this book seems perfect for me. Other cool features: Wheel of smoothie ingredients you can use, simple pantry guide illustrated, kitchen tools guide, and all of the guides in between recipes showing you variations on how to top things, like toast toppings, pancake toppings, pick your sandwich, etc. There are also illustrated tips on how to cut down time in the kitchen when you are in a bind. The presentation of everything in the book is unlike that of any other cookbook I have seen. Excellent graphics!-JJ MAO

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