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The Palomar Cookbook : Modern Israeli Cuisine

The Palomar Cookbook

Experience more than one hundred utterly scrumptious recipes from award-prevailing eating place the palomar, with dishes motivated by means of the rich cultures of southern spain, north africa and the levant. This debut cookbook consists of recipes for the eating place's signature dishes, alongside recipes drawn from own family culture, mothers and grandmothers, from influences, encounters, locations travelled to and locations evoked with the aid of their flavours alone.

Pulling at the traditions of the mediterranean, the palomar cookbook is your guide to recreating the acute and evocative flavours of an exotic some other place to your own kitchen. With mezze dishes to proportion, sweet and savoury pastries, simple dishes for a fast repair and extra complex dishes for a first-rate meal, each recipe is both evocative and innovative, and - first and essential - bursting with flavour.

Chapters include:
What's in the cupboard?
Essential ingredients and spice mixes
The meal before the meal
Spiced olives with rose petals & balsamic vinegar | Velvet tomatoes | Baba ganoush
Raw beginnings
Scallop carpaccio with 'Thai-bouleh' | Kubenia | Spring salad
The main act
Cauliflower steak with labneh & grated tomatoes | Polenta Jerusalem-style | Pork belly with ras el hanout
Yael's Kingdom
Kubanah bread | Tahini ice cream | Jerusalem mess
For those who want to kick back
Drunken botanist | Bishbash posh wash Sumac-ade
"Middle Eastern fireworks" (Giles Coren, The Times)
"Death-row dinner good" ( Grace Dent, Evening Standard)
"Gorgeousness" (Nigella Lawson)

About the Author

The Palomar met with wide critical acclaim when it opened in summer 2014 and continues to go from strength to strength,
offering mind-blowing food from modern-day Jerusalem, with dishes influenced by the rich cultures of Southern Spain, North Africa and the Levant.
Although I haven't visited The Palomar restaurant I love Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food so this book looked right up my street. I am glad to say it didn't disappoint. Its a sturdy 256 pages with a hard cover and dust jacket. A minor gripe is that the dust jacket is plain paper rather than high gloss so I doubt it will wipe clean if you accidentally splash ingredients on it while cooking. Anyway - the book is well laid out with sumptuous recipes and beautiful pictures. Its reminiscent of Ottolenghis first cookbook both in design and type of food but completely original. Some of the dishes are a bit out there - I'll skip the lambs tongue and calves brains thanks - but all in all it looks pretty cool. The shakshuka recipes had my mouth watering as did the chicken in green olives and tomato sauce and the chocolate and tahini ice cream to name but a few. Although some of the recipes are remarkably simple most are what I would class as above beginner level. So if you have a bit of experience in the kitchen and want to produce a wonderful restaurant quality meal then this is the book for you!-South Londoner
The Palomar is a restaurant in Soho. It serves the food of modern day Jerusalem which is a mixture of the food of Southern Spain, North Africa and the Levant given a contemporary twist. I don’t know the restaurant, so the book has to depend on its content to win a place in my kitchen which already has many excellent books on Middle Eastern cookery.-Hendry Lufus
I have a slight addiction to buying recipe books and sometimes feel like the chef is churning out books, probably not with much involvement, ready for another one in a few months and somehow they feel a bit less genuine. That couldn't be less accurate for The Palomar. A beautiful, fascinating book (both for the recipes and the stories behind them) created by a team that clearly feel incredibly passionate about the food they serve at their exceptional restaurant. A multitude of diverse, delicious, interesting and novel recipes that I can't wait to start making. It also has several basic/classic recipes that I have no doubt will become firm favourites. I would highly recommend it. If you have other books that might be similar than there may be a slight overlap with some of the recipes but there is plenty that singles this book out as special and unique.-LB

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