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THE VEGETABLE BUTCHER : How to Select, Prep, Slice, Dice, and Masterfully Cook Vegetables from Artichokes to Zucchini


Making use of the talents of butchery to the precise anatomy of veggies leafy lumpy stalky gnarly thick skinned or softly yielding cara magini indicates slice through slice how to interrupt down greater than 100 peel a tomato butcher a butternut squash cut cauliflower steaks and chiffonade kale how to locate the smooth meaty heart of an artichoke and transform satellite fashioned kohlrabi into paper thin rounds to be served as a fresh carpaccio after which a hundred and fifty recipes a good way to forever alternate the dutiful belief of consume your yeggies grilled asparagus taleggio and fried egg panini in the spring summery zucchini candy corn and basil penne with pine nuts and mozzarella and parsnip ginger layer cake with browned buttercream frosting to sweeten a winter meal plus everything else you need to recognize to revel in cutting-edge attractive and wonderful delicious greens and make them the center of the meal book jacket marrying the artwork of butchery with the pleasure of splendid seasonal produce the vegetable butcher is the clean inspiring and critical guide that demystifies the world of veggies from special crosnes and gnarly celeriac to the amazingly flexible regular potato it s the e-book that suggests precisely how to put together an artichoke plus peel a tomato chiffonade kale slice kohlrabi into carpaccio spoil down a butternut squash and reduce a cauliflower into steaks that is a whole vegetable training from what to search for at the marketplace to the way to make greens the center of really exclusive dishes over a hundred recipes all vegetarian
and all rather luscious rejoice the soul fulfilling taste of every vegetable orange shallot fiddlehead ferns and ricotta crostini a summery zucchini candy corn and basil penne with pine nuts and mozzarella cauliflower and caramelized fennel soup a parsnip ginger layer cake with burnt buttercream frosting to sweeten a iciness meal vegetables are cutting-edge sexy and outrageously delicious and now absolutely knowable too the

The Vegetable Butcher by Cara Mangini intrigued me as soon as I heard the title: The Vegetable Butcher. That seemed a little silly. Do we really butcher vegetables?! But, I was instantly interested in reading it and bought it sight unseen. So, I guess it wasn't so silly after all. book is a fantastic resource for vegetable veterans and those who are just getting acquainted with produce. She provides a visual guide to cutting vegetables, showing you how to cut matchsticks from conical vegetables, how to cut oblong slices from cylindrical vegetables, how to use a mandoline, and how to chiffonade leafy greens. has organized the book alphabetically, starting with artichokes and arugula all the way through turnips and zucchini. Each vegetable has an informational page that tells readers when it's in season, what varieties to try, how to make your selections, which ingredients that are good partners, and how to store it. Then Mangini shows you how to butcher it and provides a handful of recipes for the vegetable. have to admit that I squealed with glee when I saw her section on cardoons. I have rarely met anyone in America who cooks cardoons much less knows what they are.-Ryan Pdum
This is a great book! Very nice photos, straight-forward, and includes all those vegetables that I've never known what to do with. I borrowed it from the library and then had to buy it for myself!-Julia
Best cookbook I own and I'm not a vegetarian! Bought this book because I found myself always using the same vegetables and cooking them the same way. Because of this book, I joined a farm CSA because I knew I could handle whatever I received and now I find myself picking out random vegetables in the store because I know I have this book at home. The guidance, with pictures, of how to prep veggies are awesome and the fact the recipes typically scale in complexity for each vegetable is a huge help. There's typically a complex dish for when the vegetable is the main show and those recipes are amazing. On top of that, I find the cooking times accurate which is normally a huge problem for me. With the farm CSA and this book, I found myself looking forward to the vegetables more than meat at my meals.-Mvguitar

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