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Download ebook Energy Balls : Improve Your Physical Performance, Mental Focus, Sleep, Mood, and More!

Energy Balls

This little cookbook packs a massive punch with a hundred scrumptious recipes for no-bake power balls designed to supply a focused blast of energy for extraordinary activities at any hour. Crafted with complete components, superfoods, and all-natural proteins, every vegan and gluten-free chew-size treat gives the ideal nutritional improve. Greater protein, nuts, and seeds provide athletes a high-electricity hit; darkish chocolate and inexperienced tea assist students pay attention and attention; ginger we could the overstressed wind down at the give up of a protracted day. And, youngsters will love them tucked into their lunch boxes. They're as easy to make as they are appropriate to eat—goodbye processed and packaged sports bars!

About the Author

Christal Sczebel is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, health and wellness business owner, and founder of NutritionistintheKitch.com. She is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Just before going on vacation last fall I changed my longtime poor eating lifestyle to a healthy one. While on vacation I fell in love with protein balls that I purchased at a beachside shop. I searched the internet for recipes I could make at home. Many of them where made with protein powder, which is great in many things, however I found the I much prefer them without it. Energy Balls has so many amazing recipes and no protein powder. I have made 10 of the recipes and they are so delicious and turn out exactly as the photo looks and usually 1 or 2 more balls than listed. Love Love Love this book!-Perry Charpentier
Found this book in the local library while recovering from a concussion and was in no tv, no computer, no thinking hard mode of my recovery. This was the perfect cookbook for me at that time. I started with the matcha chocolate recipe, then avocado, then chia caramel and just tried the cookie dough. It's about time to return the book and I'm pretty far along in my recovery now but I don't want to give this book up. So we decided to buy a copy. It's worth every dollar.-Kz
I have tried 5 of the recipes in this book so far and they are all excellent. The energy balls freeze very well so you can make several recipes at a time to use later. The book is organized and well written. I highly recommend this book.-Kerry A.

Download Cooking Ebook Energy Balls : Improve Your Physical Performance, Mental Focus, Sleep, Mood, and More! | 76 Mb | Pages 141 | PDF | English | 2017

 Download ebook energy balls

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