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Download ebook I'm Just Here For Dessert : Macarons, mini cakes, ice creams, waffles & more

I'm Just Here For Dessert

Desserts inform a story. Even the daintiest macaron take the person eating it on a sensory adventure from first look to remaining bite. For caroline khoo this story starts whilst an concept for a new dessert layout is sparked. I'm just here for dessert is generously full of the recipes, strategies and clever styling guidelines at the back of some of her maximum famous creations: armies of pastel-hued meringues, unapologetically girly cupcakes, decadent muffins, announcement desserts, mini cakes and tiny ice creams. Master the simple competencies and recreate these lovely confections, or use the idea-constructing strategies in every layer of this e book that will help you discover your personal particular style.

About the Author

Caroline Khoo founded online desserts boutique Nectar and Stone in 2013 when her talent for baking and presenting incredible cakes and sweets became so apparent that her friends and family encouraged her to pursue it as a career. Caroline's background in the fashion industry gave her concepts, styling and photography a unique and easily identifiable personality. Inspired to push the creative boundaries of dessert design, she translated her soft, feminine aesthetic into a successful business and a hugely popular online platform. Nectar and Stone has been featured in various print publications and on websites such as Martha Stewart and Apartment Therapy, and its ever-growing profile has led to several international brand collaborations.
The book is everything I hoped it would be. I only wish it was spiral bound. It's impossible to bake from because it won't stay open, due to it being so think. Still recommend it though.-Habibi
Definitely a must have the donut recipe she has is amazing, the macarons she has looks so delicious, super easy recipes and great detailing.-Tray_1
Absolutely stunning, gorgeous book! Blown away by the beauty of this book and the vision of this artist! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!-H. Hill

Download Cooking Ebook I'm Just Here For Dessert : Macarons, mini cakes, ice creams, waffles & more | 63 Mb | Pages 212 | English | 2017

 Download ebook I'm just here for dessert
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