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Jerusalem A Cookbook

A set of 120 recipes exploring the flavors of jerusalem from the new york times bestselling creator of lots, one of the maximum lauded cookbooks of 2011.

In  jerusalem, yotam ottolenghi and sami tamimi discover  the vibrant delicacies in their home town—with its various muslim, jewish, and christian communities. Both guys were born in jerusalem within the identical 12 months—tamimi at the arab east facet and ottolenghi inside the jewish west. This beautiful cookbook gives one hundred twenty recipes from their unique go-cultural perspective, from innovative vegetable dishes to candy, wealthy desserts. With 5 bustling eating places in london and  stellar cookbooks, ottolenghi is one of the maximum reputable chefs inside the international; in jerusalem, he and tamimi have collaborated to supply their maximum non-public cookbook but.

About the Author

Yotam Ottolenghi arrived in the UK from his native Israel in 1997 and set out on a new career in food, after having completed an MA in Comparative Literature whilst working as a journalist in Tel Aviv.

In London he attended The Cordon Bleu after which he worked as a pastry chef in various establishments. In 2002, Yotam and his partners set up Ottolenghi, a unique food shop offering a wide range of freshly made savory dishes, baked products and patisserie items. There are now four Ottolenghi's, as well as NOPI, a brasserie style restaurant in Soho, London.

Since 2006 Ottolenghi has written a column in The Guardian's Weekend Saturday magazine.
He is the author of the
 New York Times bestsellingbooks Plenty, Jerusalem, and Ottolenghi.
This cookbook is approachable and the recipes are actually something you will make...and then make again. If you love Middle Eastern cuisine, buy this. I have made the basic Hummus...it takes some time, so be aware that you need 24 hours. It was so good. I agree with the authors that if anything is going to bring the middle east to peace..it's gotta be the hummus. The other thing I made was the Couscous with tomato and onion. Love the flavors, I will make both of these again. The great thing about the recipes are, they aren't so wild that you can't imagine making them. The ingredients are, for the most part, easy to find. The techniques are simple enough for the home cook. Falafel is next on the list.-Heather F.
I almost never post reviews, but this books is so wonderful, I felt compelled to add to the accolades it's receiving. I am a professional cook, so I buy and cook from a TON of cookbooks. Many I use mainly for inspiration in terms of flavor combinations because the recipes don't actually work so well. Some I use to explore new techniques. This cookbook offers both; the recipes work (I should note I have the UK edition without US conversions)--many of the techniques are new to me and they work well--and the flavors are amazing. And it's a gorgeous cookbook as well. The first recipes I made from this book were the roasted cauliflower salad with celery, hazelnuts and pomegranate and the sofrito chicken. I figured there was no way the cauliflower salad could be anything but delicious, and it was. But I had my doubts about the chicken--the recipe involved several steps (browning the chicken, seasoning the chicken, steam-roasting the chicken, frying potatoes and garlic and then adding them to the chicken and its juices). I didn't think it would be any better than a simple roast chicken and vegetables (which is hard to improve on when done well). But it was unbelievably delicious! And had a texture and subtlety of flavor I had never tasted before.-Oaliya Land
I learned about this book after being invited to a cooking party from a friend. My friend included a link from the New York Times in her invite about this book. The leader of an organization that I work for is Jewish and she appreciates good food. I have never bought her a gift until now. I thought that this book would make the perfect gift! I looked over the book and the pictures are exceptional they are not only of food but of the "Old Country" too. I am sure that this gift will be appreciated and it is something that can be passed down in generations.-Suemac

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Download ebook Jerussalem a  Cookbook

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