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Moto : The Cookbook

Moto : The Cookbook

At chicago's world-famend, michelin-starred restaurant moto, homaro cantu pushed the boundaries of delicacies to supply an unforgettable enjoy at the intersection of meals, art, and technological know-how. Every meal reimagined what cooking can be: edible menus imbued with the flavors of the dishes to observe, carbonated fruit that fizzed while bitten, a obvious container that cooked fish in the front of your eyes.

Chef cantu's paintings within the kitchen continues to captivate the imagination, delight the palate, and articulate how futuristic meals can assist clear up worldwide ills like hunger, poverty, and environmental destruction. From his "zero meals mile" kitchen garden to experiments with miracle berries to stop our reliance on sugar, cantu's task become to serve dinner with a aspect of converting the arena.

Featuring masses of stunning pics, moto: the cookbook is a residing document of a restaurant and a chef who described modernist cuisine. It exhibits the inspiration and groundbreaking strategies in the back of 100 of cantu's maximum influential and brilliant dishes, and lines his development from a younger chef to a thoughts at the slicing fringe of american food.
Moto: the cookbook will encourage cooks of all abilities.

About the Author
Chef Homaro Cantu, heralded as one of America's most daring chefs, pushed the limits of known taste, texture and technique in a stunning, futuristic fashion. Homeless as a teenager, he credited his discovery of cooking with turning his life around. He grew up in Portland, Oregon and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. He then worked his way up the ranks in nearly 50 kitchens on the West Coast before moving to Chicago to work at Charlie Trotter's restaurant before leaving to open Moto. Cantu passed away suddenly in 2015.
"Cantu is an international leader in molecular gastronomy-he is equal parts artist and mad scientist. Using science and technology, he is challenging the very definition of what is, and what isn't, food... The mind-bending dishes he is serving today could change what you eat tomorrow."― CNN's The Next List 
"While Cantu is most certainly a chef, he is also someone whose approach to innovation has relevance far beyond the kitchen."― Fast Company 
"Cantu was known nationally as a chef who incorporated his playful personality and the thrill of science into the menu at his high-end... restaurant Moto.... Cantu wowed diners with edible menus, carbonated fruit and a fish preparation that cooked before your eyes in a tabletop polymer box, but his ambitions went beyond culinary pleasures.... Cantu presented food and science as a way to solve the world's problems, particularly hunger."― The Chicago Tribune 
"Homaro Cantu is the creative force behind Chicago's molecular gastronomy hot spot Moto and Cantu Designs, a future-focused firm where his team work on wildly varying food-related projects....[his] inventions range from the mad-scientist realm... to humanitarian efforts directed at issues as monumental as world hunger."― Gourmet 
"Cantu [had a] trailblazing, futuristic style [that] earned him accolades for his restaurants...[and] actively embraced technology in the kitchen."―Eater 
"Homaro Cantu's skill in the kitchen and creative spirit helped to make Chicago the culinary capital it is today."― Office of the Mayor of Chicago 
"Homaro Cantu wasn't a cook, he was an artist, an inventor, a mad genius. His death devastates Chicago and the world."― Peter Sagal, host ofNPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me 
"The recipes showcase Cantu's unparalleled wit and culinary curiosity."― The Chicago Tribune 
"It's fascinating... to dive into Cantu's imagination, where food can be cooked in a tiny aerogel box that stays cool on the exterior, and a menu is turned into a giant tortilla chip.... You too can char wood chips to include in a sous vide bag with pork belly, and carbonate orange wedges in a whipped cream canister."― Maggie HoffmanPlate

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